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May 27, 2021

These Military Jobs Might Surprise You

Person Playing Bass Guitar | Veteran Car DonationsDid you know that there are people in the military who are assigned to defend their networks against cyber attackers? Ever heard about the army needing multimedia illustrators for its publications and psychological operations?

You’ll be amazed to discover the many unusual careers in the military. Some of them are essential while others are simply there to keep our troops entertained. That said, here are 10 jobs in the military you might not know about:

  1. Financial Manager

Financial managers are responsible for supervising the purchase of the equipment and supplies of each of our military branches. They’re also the ones who decide on how much budget to save for use during possible conflicts, track grants for deserving service members, and cut the checks for MREs.

  1. Musician

Major commands usually have small bands playing at special functions and events. While most of these musicians are service members assigned to a band on certain occasions, some are recruited into the service as permanent musicians. Their job mostly involves traveling the world to uplift both American and foreign audiences with their beautiful music.

  1. Instrument Repair Technician

Behind every band is a good instrument repair technician to fix and maintain the band’s instruments. Military bands are no exception.

  1. Cryogenics Equipment Operator

No, we’re not talking about keeping dead bodies on ice to create super-soldiers in the future! The cryogenics meant here refers to the production of materials at extremely low temperatures. Cryogenics equipment operators are in charge of using the technology to store the oxygen for pilots’ tanks and nitrogen for plane tires as safely as possible.

  1. Quarrying Specialist

Quarrying specialists are part of the Army’s engineer corps. Besides blasting rocks using explosives, they also assist in the construction of buildings, dams, roads, bridges, and airstrips.

  1. Weather Specialist

The Navy and Air Force have professionals to track weather patterns and advise officers on how these patterns can affect their operations. For instance, they can give a near-exact time when a typhoon is likely to strike a carrier group or when a dust storm will likely hit a certain area.

  1. Packaging Specialist

To make sure that everything is packed safely and legally, Marines hire packaging specialists or designate members to take on the role. The items that are packed include weapons, ammunition, and chemicals — all of which need to be handled with extra care.

  1. Dietitian

It’s no question that our service members need to stay fit and healthy. Thankfully, they have military dietitians to count on. These specialists create diet plans based on available resources, mission requirements, and individual needs.

  1. Journalists

The videos and images of military operations we see are often the works of service members who are assigned to public affairs and combat camera units. However, some military branches hire media specialists, including print journalists, who focus on writing articles for newspapers and sites, and broadcast journalists, whose job is to shoot and edit videos.

  1. Corrections Specialist

If you’re not aware, the military has its own prison system, and just like any other prison, it has correctional specialists who supervise the population. The inmates include prisoners of war or service members accused or convicted of crimes.


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It’s Time to Give Back to Our Heroes

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