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October 25, 2018

10 Types of Drivers You’ll Meet on the Road: Have You Seen These Types Yet?

The road is such a wonderful place to meet interesting personalities. Every day is a chance to encounter a mix of odd, feisty, and kind-hearted strangers behind the wheel. You might even strike up a conversation with the next-lane motorist while waiting for the green light, and next thing you know, you’re best buds!

There are many different characters, probably hundreds or so, which is why we’ve decided to make a list of the drivers we usually bump into. Here are 10 types of drivers you’ll likely meet on the road.

The Senior Driver

Senior Driver in a Car - VeteranCarDonations.orgRemember how your sweet ol’ granny used to drive you around town? Even at such a young age, you’d notice her shaky hands glued to the steering wheel as if her life depended on it. Signal lights would be turned on for no reason.

That’s how exactly these senior drivers are! You can’t blame them, though, as old age really gets one to be overly cautious on the road.


The Multi-Tasker

Probably the most annoying type, these are the people who think they can drive and perform many other chores at the same time. Whether they’re too busy posting selfies on Facebook, tweeting about the traffic jam, putting on makeup, or talking on their phones, these drivers are one of the biggest road hazards. If you’re guilty of such, stop now before it’s too late! 

The Frustrated Pop Star

We all know someone who blasts their music while lip-syncing to the wrong lyrics. These drivers are pretty much harmless, to say the least. As long as they fix their eyes on the road, they can sing as loudly as they want the world to hear them.

The King of the Road

Hydraulic Lowrider Car in Los Angeles - VeteranCarDonations.orgSo-called alpha drivers are the ones who feel like they own the road. These drivers want everyone else to move aside when their cars are passing through. Expect severe punishment in the form of loud honking if you don’t get out of their way. These drivers don’t mind breaking traffic rules, tailgating, overtaking, and undertaking. If there’s a road bully, it’s certainly this type.


The New Driver

Recently graduated from driving school with flying colors (or probably not), these fresh faces are likely to drive with caution, too much of it actually. They’ll follow the Highway Code religiously and obey the traffic policy like good children to their parents.

The Goody Two-Shoes

What would you do if someone tries to take a space that you’ve been eyeing on in a jam-packed parking lot? Would you just give in and look for another one, or do you protest? If you’ve picked the former, there’s a good chance that you belong to this classification. These drivers are so nice that others would often take advantage of them. Despite already running late for a meeting, they’d still pave the way for their fellow drivers who are also in a rush.

The Racer

The Racer Type of Driver - VeteranCarDonations.orgAs the name implies, this type would always drive as if they’re trying to win a spot at the NASCAR. These people are the show-off type, believing they’re cool with their flashy cars and reckless driving (which they think is impressive).

Little do they know that they’re most likely to end up in jail or on a hospital bed if they remain oblivious of their antics.


The Road Rager

Unable to control their anger, these hot-tempered drivers couldn’t seem to go a day without yelling or deafeningly honking at another who made an innocent mistake. If you happen to encounter one, it’s best that you let them be, as retaliating can only worsen the situation.

The Know-It-All

These are obnoxious drivers who think they’re excellent behind the wheels, when in fact, they’re just meh. They would never admit a mistake, even if they realize that they’re already heading the wrong direction. Once you get into a car with this type, expect to hear a series of their accomplishments.

The Hoarder

Cars can be homes to vagabonds. You’ll see this type when you come across a certain truck with clutters of stuff on their seats. You might also notice a distinctive odor if you get unlucky.


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