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December 10, 2018

15 Holiday Fails: Laugh Your Heart Out With These Unforgettable Christmastime Gaffes!

This holiday season is all about giving, sharing, and spreading the cheer no matter where we are! However, just because it’s a time of joy and positivity doesn’t mean that it’s all wholesome fun for everybody for the entire month. After all, what’s an unforgettable Christmas season without some unexpected holiday fails that bring hilarious jolts to our lives, right?

From terrified kids running away from Santa, to a bunch of people being victimized by their own Christmas trees, to an adorable canine having too much fun with decors, we’ve compiled a list of 20 holiday fails that will surely make you laugh out loud. Even the Grinch might change his mind about the holidays after seeing this post!

1. Not everyone loves Santa.


2. Oh well,

I’m gonna put them on my Christmas tree shaped Christmas tree. from r/funny

3. This Santa definitely knows how to make an entrance.


4. It’s really not that obvious.

These four ornaments. from r/CrappyDesign

5. Christmas isn’t really that joyful for some kids.


6. Why do we love cats so much?


7. Maybe they wanted a “Hand-stand”

8. Watch Santa bust a move… or not.


9. Three two one.. Drop.


10. Let’s take a photo before everything ends.


11. Oh dear, Santa’s too tired. Or is he?


12.When you love Christmas so much that you’ve decided to become part of the tree.


13. Someone needs to teach this tree some manners.


14. Surely Santa has a lot of surprises, he can even dunk!


15. Nothing can stop that kiddo.


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