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June 7, 2020

Common Causes of Sleep Issues

There’s nothing worse than tossing and turning in bed. This happens to the best of us every now and then. However, if this happens to you regularly, you must be struggling with insomnia.

According to experts, insomnia is a common sleep disorder that makes it extremely difficult for an individual to fall asleep, stay asleep, or get back to sleep when they wake up too early. Those who struggle with insomnia feel like their brains are unable to stop being awake. In case you’re not aware, your brain has its sleep and wake cycle — and insomnia messes up both of these cycles.

This exasperating problem causes people to experience fatigue, difficulty concentrating, low energy, poor performance at work or school, and mood disturbances. Certain factors can cause insomnia and these include underlying medical conditions, biology, and lifestyle.

However, the culprit may also be a mental health issue.

The 4 Common Mental Health Issues that Cause Insomnia

Since insomnia can trigger mood changes and hormone shifts, insomnia and mental health disorders tend to feed each other. Understanding the possible causes of your sleep difficulties is extremely important. Only by knowing the causes of your insomnia can you take the necessary steps to manage such a problem.

For this reason, Veteran Car Donations is here to shed light on the mental health issues that may have been responsible for keeping your awake at night. Here are four of these issues:

  1. Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Those who suffer from this mental disorder are constantly plagued with persistent nagging feelings of apprehension, uneasiness, and worry. In most cases, the emotions that the individual experiences can become unusually intense compared to whatever troubles they face in their everyday life. It’s possible for both anxiety and insomnia to worsen as the person who gets affected by both disorders starts to feel anxious at the idea of not being able to sleep. 

  1. Depression

Insomnia is one of the hallmark signs of depression. Those who struggle with serious depression tend to wake up too early in the morning or have difficulty falling asleep or getting restful sleep. On the other hand, a prominent symptom of low-grade depression includes sleepiness or insomnia.

  1. Bipolar Disorder

Also known as manic depression, bipolar disorder is characterized by extremely high and low moods, as well as marked changes in the person’s energy, sleep, thinking, as well as behavior. People with bipolar disorder can be excessively energized and happy for a certain period and hopeless and sluggish at other times.

One of the most prominent features of manic-depressive illness is disturbed sleep. Insomnia may worsen or induce the affected person’s manic symptoms or it may also temporarily ease their depression. Someone who’s going through a manic episode may not be able to sleep for days.

  1. Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia refers to a mental disorder that involves the breakdown of a person’s thoughts, emotions, and behavior. This can lead to inappropriate feelings and actions, as well as faulty perception. Those who have this disorder tend to withdraw from their relationships and reality itself.

In most cases, people with schizophrenia get to sleep very little in the earliest and most severe stages of a particular episode. However, their sleep patterns can improve between episodes.

A Problem That’s Nothing New to Our Veterans

Veteran in Dothan, Alabama | Veteran Car DonationsHaving sleep issues due to mental health disorders is nothing new to many of our veterans. Many of these disorders were the direct results of the traumatic experiences they had during their time on the battlefield. Aside from these, many of our former troops also suffer from service-connected disabilities, unemployment, and homelessness.

If you have any vehicle you no longer need, you can use this to make a lasting impact on the lives of the struggling veterans in your community. All you have to do is to donate that vehicle to us at Veteran Car Donations.

We’ll have your donation auctioned off, with the proceeds going to nonprofit organizations that we are in partnership with. These IRS-approved 501(c)3 nonprofits will use the money to provide deserving veterans and their families with financial assistance, free medical treatment, employment opportunities, family support, and other essential services.

You will also benefit from your charitable contribution since you’ll get to enjoy our free towing service wherever your vehicle is located in the country.

Furthermore, you’ll get to enjoy our quick and convenient donation process where you don’t have to do any paperwork. On top of that, you’ll have the privilege of receiving a maximized tax deduction in the next tax season.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call us at our toll-free hotline 877-594-5822 or you may send us a message here. Check out our FAQs page for more information on our donation program.

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