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October 26, 2018

Awesome Skoolie Examples: Get Some Ideas Here

If you’re into the bus life, we’re pretty sure you’re familiar with skoolies, or you might even be a proud owner of one. If you’ve just heard about these things recently, we’d be happy to fill you in!

Skoolies are basically school buses converted into homes. Similar to RVs, they’re pretty much like houses on wheels, except for the fact that they’re way cheaper, and with tons of customizing options to choose from.

What’s great about a skoolie is that you can fit your whole house in it despite its not-so-massive size. You can have a tiny bathroom, a quaint kitchenette, and a cozy bed facing a perfect view. Not to mention, you can go completely off the grid with the solar power and WiFi that go along with the package!

Travel in Style!

Has all this talking about skoolies made you want one? Are you interested to try something new and trade your busy city life for a nomadic lifestyle? Be our guest!

To help you get started, we’re posting some awesome skoolie examples just for you. Get your ideas from them below!

Go retro

Chevrolet Viking Short Bus Retro

Image Source:

Forget the time machine! With this groovy interior, it’s like the 70’s all over again!

Release your inner hippie

Inner Hippie Design Bus Interior

Image Source: Pinterest

Can it get any more bohemian than these? We guess not!

Simplicity is beauty

Simple Design Bus Interior

Image Source: The Mayes Team

Like to keep things plain and minimal? These will get you excited!


The most luxury bus designs

Image Source: Most Beautiful Things

Don’t want to leave your extravagant lifestyle just yet? No problem! These lavish skoolies will make your passengers feel like they’re on a 5-star hotel!

Study while you travel

Study Design Bus Interior

Image Source: Flickr

When there’s house on wheels, there’s also a classroom on wheels for adults.

Feel the breeze

one of a kind Converted Bus

Image Source:

Know what it’s like to be on top of the world with this one-of-a-kind converted bus!


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