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HIV-AIDS Victim | Veteran Car Donations
December 1, 2018

World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day: Let’s All Take a Stand against HIV Every 1st of December, people around the globe are called upon to join a movement, one that seeks to unite them in combatting the deadly HIV. It’s World AIDS Day. The annual event provides an opportunity for us to show our support for the millions ...
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Parade of Native American Culture -
November 8, 2018

Native American Heritage Month

Native American Heritage Month: A Time to Celebrate Culture and Diversity In November of each year, people all over the United States gather together to pay homage to the various Native American tribes who have contributed so much for our country. It’s a time to embrace our history and appreciate all the sacrifices that Native ...
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Flooded Vehicles on a Street -
October 8, 2018

What to Do if Your Car is in a Flood

What to Do If Your Car is in a Flood: How to Minimize Damage and Bring it Back to Life The last thing we want is to be caught up inside a car that’s engulfed in floodwaters. So, what to do if your car is in a flood—and you’re inside? If the flood has entered your ...
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Man Playing Golf in a Country Club -
August 1, 2018

National Golf Month

Celebrate National Golf Month this August by Helping Our Struggling Veterans with Your Car Donation Did you know that August is National Golf Month? Indeed it is, and it’s a perfect time to celebrate this great pastime with your buddies! Golf is considered as one of the world’s oldest sports, and one with a rich and ...
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