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December 9, 2020

Colleges with the Best Veteran Programs

Adult Student Doing School Work | Veteran Car DonationsVeterans often face challenges in finding work because their skills and capabilities do not fit the needs of industries hiring new workers. As a result, some former servicemen and servicewomen opt to return to school to obtain degrees in new disciplines or simply complete the units they require to earn their college degrees to make themselves more competitive in the job market. 

Some colleges cater to the different needs of veterans who are going back to school, treating them differently from normal full-time students. This helps vets cope better with going back to school as civilians. 

Colleges With the Best Veteran Programs

Here are some of the colleges with tried and tested programs that fit the veterans’ preferences and needs. 

  1. Georgia Southern University

With about 8 percent of its population made up of veterans, the university takes pride in its culture to provide service members, veterans, and their families the opportunity to achieve their academic and professional goals.

By providing optimal educational conditions for its military population, the university is now one of the most preferred universities for vets going back to school.

  1. The University of South Florida

The university makes it a point to work with veterans from the moment they show interest in enrolling in the school and working with the institution even after their graduation. As a result, military-connected students are thriving in the university. No wonder, they even have higher GPAs than normal students. 

  1. Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

This university tripled its veteran population in the past few years after establishing a veterans center for socialization and an office to process military education benefits on campus. The same benefits are also available for online students. 

  1. The University of Texas at Arlington

This university boasts of 3,100 service members and veterans among its student body, owing to its long experience in working with military-connected students. Among its best practices is the establishment of a program that connects faculty and staff who served in the military to students who also served in the military, making the mentorship more effective given their common experiences and background. 

  1. Colorado State University

Veterans who enrolled in this university reported positive results for every academic measure the military asked for when it comes to military-related personnel. Some 93 percent of vets enrolled in its programs have also completed their courses at the university. 

  1. The University of Nebraska at Omaha

The strong university-wide culture of military support makes this university one of the most sought after colleges for military-related students owing to the university president being a veteran himself. Veterans and military-related students receive priority in the admissions process, discounts, and waivers. The class size is also smaller, giving students more opportunities for focused learning. 

Many Vets Don’t Have This Opportunity

Veteran in Dothan, Alabama | Veteran Car DonationsGoing to school poses a significant challenge for former servicemen and servicewomen. However, not all veterans get the opportunity to return to university to improve their career opportunities. Many of them are already overwhelmed by the challenges of reintegrating into society due to their inability to find decent work, service-connected disabilities, mental health issues, and extreme poverty due to lack of support, leading to homelessness.

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