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January 19, 2021

These Apps Can Evaluate the Risks of COVID-19 Infection in Various Settings and Locations

COVID-19 Tracker | Veteran Car DonationsWith the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to plague the world, it may be hard to keep track of the situation in every part of the United States. That’s why traveling to other areas of the country remains fraught with danger.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has maintained that the best way to stay safe is still to remain at home and avoid traveling. However, if you really need to travel to attend an important event or for some other reason, the CDC says you need to check first the coronavirus situation in the area that you are going to.

Some of the country’s top universities have developed helpful tools to help travelers evaluate the risks of COVID-19 infection in various settings and areas in the country. Not only are these tools highly useful but they’re also free to be accessed by all.

Here are some of these tools:

  1. Interactive Map

Georgia Institute of Technology has developed an interactive map to help you weigh the risks of getting infected with the COVID-19 disease depending on how many people are attending the event you’re going to. It shows you the risks in your destination and the origins of those risks. It was developed to help officials develop local policies concerning the pandemic. However, while it gives you an overview of the risks, it does not factor in whether guests at the event follow health protocols such as wearing masks or if the event is held outdoors.

  1. MyCOVIDRisk App 

Brown University’s app helps you calculate the risk of getting COVID-19 while factoring in the location of the event, the duration of the event, and how many people will wear masks. While it gives you a good idea about your risks, it is limited to analyzing the factors for the event alone and not the behavior of the attendees before attending the event.

  1. Models

This app developed by the University of Colorado’s Boulder campus can evaluate the risks of contracting COVID-19 in spaces like schools, offices, and house parties. The charts showing the risks were published in National Geographic. The app allows you to adjust the variables and analyze the risks based on your specific situation if you stay in an event for an average of three hours.  

  1. Aerosol Risk Estimator

The University of Oregon developed this tool to measure COVID-19 risks based on the floor plan including the room’s ceiling height, ventilation, and filtration systems. The tool also asks how many people will be in the space, and for how long, and whether or not people will wear masks. However, it does not factor in the COVID-19 situation in the locality you are visiting.


Turn Your Old Car into an Anti-Poverty Tool

Online tools to track the pandemic can be very helpful in assessing the possible risks of getting infected with COVID-19 if you are traveling somewhere in the country to attend an event.

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These men and women fought for us during their time in the service, risking their lives to preserve our freedoms and protect us. Yet, they’re only given lip service as our nation’s heroes and have mostly been ignored and forgotten.

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You can donate almost any type of vehicle, such as an old wagon that has a couple of damaged parts or a boat that has leaks here and there.

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