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November 9, 2020

How Mindfulness Can Help with PTSD

There are people who believe that the sole purpose of practicing mindfulness is to turn them into better versions of themselves. In fact, some folks even think that being mindful would help them become the persons they hope to be, without any trace of who they were before. They couldn’t be more wrong!

Mindfulness is the ability to increase the sense of awareness of an individual by being fully present and engaged at the moment, enabling them to integrate such awareness into their daily lives. In other words, this practice doesn’t require them to shut out their own thoughts and feelings. On the contrary, mindfulness encourages a nonjudgmental observation of their line of thinking, as well as their emotions, until they come to understand themselves better.

What is PTSD?

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) refers to a psychiatric condition that can be triggered when a person experiences or witnesses a terrifying and traumatic event. These events may include natural disasters, terrorist attacks, accidents, combat or war, and violent personal assaults such as rape. Someone who has PTSD may have recurring nightmares, flashbacks, and overwhelming thoughts about a certain traumatic event.

In most cases, people who have experienced or witnessed such events find it extremely difficult to adjust and cope. However, with time and proper self-care, they can get better. Unfortunately, it’s also possible for these symptoms to worsen and last for several months and even years if left untreated.

Can Mindfulness Help Veterans with PTSD?

In an attempt to steer clear of the cost of undergoing PTSD treatment and the social stigma that the disorder carries, some people with this mental health issue try to overcome its symptoms by simply practicing mindfulness.

According to research, mindfulness-based interventions have significantly improved the way a PTSD sufferer copes with the intrusive memories of a specific traumatic event. Since mindfulness encourages the person to stay in touch with the present rather than lose themselves in memories of the past, those who regularly practice it become more equipped to manage emotional distress.

In addition, mindfulness promotes a nonjudgmental observation of the thoughts and experiences of a person. This means that instead of identifying such thoughts and experiences as either “good” or “bad,” they begin to develop a sense of compassion toward themselves. Furthermore, as they become increasingly aware and cognizant of everything that’s going on around and inside them, they cultivate the ability to focus and concentrate.

Another thing that makes, the practice of mindfulness effective for individuals with PTSD is the fact that it seeks to build a mind that’s open to new possibilities without any preconceived ideas of how everything should be.

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