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November 17, 2020

7 Most Common Post-Military Jobs

Commercial Airline Pilots | Veteran Car DonationsAs soon as members of our armed forces return home for good from service, many of them start working on their resumes and cover letters, hoping to land stable and decent jobs that can support their needs and those of their families.

The good news is that there are many good jobs where military skills can come in handy. Take a look at them below.

  1. Law enforcement

With their years of experience in the military and devotion to protect people’s lives, it makes sense for many of our veterans to apply for positions in the police force. Not surprisingly, getting in the field is not a problem for them.  

  1. Registered nurse

Anyone who has worked as a military nurse can qualify as a registered nurse in hospitals and clinics. A former military nurse will perform the same duties of taking care of patients and assisting doctors when they get hired as registered nurses in either private or public hospitals.

  1. Human resources manager

HR managers who were in the military can perform similar functions in the corporate setting. If they dealt with frustrated and distressed military patients while in service, they’d do the same to civilian patients in hospitals. What’s more, they’re already familiar with the processes and systems of hiring, benefits, pay, and compensation.

  1. Pilot

Whether it’s flying corporate jets or working for a major airline, most former military pilots continue to make a living out of their passion for flying. If they were able to fly with ease during their time in the service when they had to worry about getting fired upon while in mid-flight, imagine how easy it would be for them to do the same as civilian pilots when they no longer have to worry about enemy gunfire.

  1. Intelligence analyst

Thanks to their extensive training in surveillance and information gathering about enemy activity, not to mention their ability to work well under pressure, many veterans have been hired as intelligence analysts by private companies.

  1. IT program manager

It’s a given that all areas in the military — logistics, communications, intelligence, and combat — rely heavily on technology to get the job done. Veterans who have developed a strong fondness for technology often end up with rewarding careers as IT program managers.

  1. Construction project manager

Military members are no stranger to constructing infrastructures such as roads and bridges. Along with their leadership and organizational skills, they can ably perform as construction project managers.

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Alone and Stressed Man | Veteran Car DonationsUnemployment is one of the most common issues newly discharged soldiers face. Although the rate has dropped over the years, thousands of our former troops are still struggling to land decent jobs.

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