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October 29, 2020

On October 29th, Give Extra Attention to Your Feline Friend

Cat Walking on a Beach | Veteran Car DonationsNational Cat Day on October 29th is a day for cats everywhere! It was first celebrated in 2005 as a way to raise awareness on the plight of homeless cats in shelters throughout the country, encouraging the public to adopt them and provide homes for these poor animals.

If you already own a cat, give extra attention to your feline friend on October 29th. Get it a new scratching post, have it groomed, and give it extra catnip. While your cat can’t talk and let you know what it thinks, it will feel the love and appreciation you have for it in-between munches of the catnip you’ll give!


Why Consider Cat Adoption?

Just like other domesticated animals, some cats are bred to be sold. Why spend a lot of money to buy one when a lot of these furry, feline companions can be found in shelters just waiting to be adopted?

There’s no problem if you want to buy a cat instead of adopting one. However, adopting a cat will give you a rewarding feeling, knowing that you’ll be providing an abandoned animal a chance to have a happy life in your home. There’s no better way to celebrate National Cat Day this October 29th than by giving a homeless one a warm and loving home!

Take a look at the three compelling reasons below why it’s wonderful to adopt a cat:

  1. You’ll have a lot of options.

The cats found in shelters come in all shapes and sizes. You’ll find both pure breeds and mixed breeds all jumbled up together. While kittens may catch your eye with their tiny size and soft meows, remember to give older cats a chance, too. They can be just as cute but much calmer than the young ones.

  1. Cats are the best listeners.

Scientifically speaking, cats are the best listeners compared to other house pets such as dogs. Their ears enable them to hear sounds in a far wider range, even more so than humans. When you talk to your cat, it takes note of your body language, tone of voice, and facial expressions. It may not understand the exact words you’re saying, but it doesn’t mean it’s not listening.

  1. They’re low-maintenance pets.

Although they need tender loving care, cats are relatively low maintenance pets compared to dogs. They’re not as energetic and don’t need as much training, preferring to just lay around somewhere and nap instead.


Concerned about Abandoned and Homeless Cats? Some of Our Vets Are in a Similar Condition

Homeless Veteran | Veteran Car DonationsNational Cat Day puts the spotlight on the countless abandoned or homeless cats in animal shelters across the country. Just as we hope that these felines will eventually receive the care they deserve, hopefully, we can do the same to our veterans, many of whom are in a similar situation faced by cats in shelters — abandoned and homeless, forced to beg for food and a little money on our streets. Many of them have service-connected disabilities and illnesses, including untreated mental health conditions. They’re unable to find jobs to support themselves and their families.

If you have an unwanted car and a heart that’s willing to help, donate that vehicle to us at Veteran Car Donations. We’ll put your vehicle up for auction, with the proceeds going to our veteran-focused nonprofit partners. These IRS-certified 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations use the funding that we give them to provide their veteran beneficiaries with quality health care, financial aid, housing assistance, employment opportunities, mentoring, family support, educational scholarships, psychotherapy services, and many other benefits.

The good thing about donating to us is that you’ll get amply rewarded for your charitable act. Not only will you get our free pickup and towing service, but you’ll also qualify to receive a top tax deduction in the next tax season. 

However, the best reward you’ll get is the immense feeling of satisfaction, knowing that your gift will help improve the living conditions of the struggling veterans in your community.

You can donate not just your old car but any other type of vehicle that you may have. Check out this list of the types of vehicles we commonly accept from our donors.

We can collect your donation anywhere you are in the United States — be it in a major city, suburb, or small town. It’s because our donation program covers all 50 states.

You can check out our FAQs page to get to know our quick and convenient donation process and other details. If you have questions and concerns, feel free to call us at 877-594-5822 or leave us a message here.


Support Our Suffering Heroes Today!

As you consider adopting a cat to celebrate National Cat Day this October 29th, we hope you’ll also consider supporting an even worthier cause: supporting our suffering heroes. They surely deserve whatever assistance you can extend to them. Call Veteran Car Donations at 877-594-5822 or fill out our online donation form now!

Veteran Car Donations operates in all 50 states.

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