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March 30, 2020

Show Some Love to Your Doctor on National Doctors’ Day

Doctor and Kid Patient | Veteran Car DonationsCan you imagine a world without any doctors around? For sure, it would be chaotic. Just imagine having no one to turn when you’re sick.

These medical professionals play a crucial part in our lives. We come to them to get better, and they do their best to keep us alive and kicking.

Doctors have a longstanding commitment to providing each and every single one of their patients the best care possible. Most of the time, they would be in hospitals, clinics, or medical facilities, treating ill people and checking up on them every so often. With their hectic schedule and devotion to take care of their patients, it’s not surprising that most of them no longer have time for themselves.

For these reasons, National Doctors’ Day was created. Taking place every March 30th, the holiday seeks to encourage the public to thank the physicians who have made an impact on their lives. It’s also one way of reminding us that we need to visit our health care providers at least once a year for our regular check-ups.

How National Doctors’ Day is Celebrated

On National Doctors’ Day, employers and hospitals would organize events to honor doctors. Recognition ceremonies would be held and awards handed to outstanding physicians.

Traditional practices observed during this day include sending cards or red carnations to doctors and their spouses, as well as leaving flowers on the graves of doctors who have passed away. 

Here’s How to Make Your Doctor Happy

There are tons of ways to get involved in National Doctors’ Day. Find out five of them below:

  1. Offer tokens of gratitude to your doctor.

A token of appreciation can mean the world to just about anyone. No matter how simple the gift is, it can still touch the heart of the receiver, knowing that they matter to you. Thank your doctor with a personalized mug, a lapel pin for their coat, or a funny caricature they can proudly display in their office.

  1. Write an appreciation letter.

Write your doctor a letter that comes straight from the heart. Tell them how lucky you are to have them as your physician. A simple “thank you” will also do.  

  1. Take your doctor out for lunch.

Doctors are the busiest bunch, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have time to unwind even for a bit, especially if their patients are making an effort to reach out. If possible, invite your physician and maybe even their staff for some grub while they’re off-duty.

  1. Deliver a food basket.

Surprise your doctor by delivering a basket of delicious treats to their office or front door. Be sure to keep everything healthy. Even better, ask the secretary for a list of your doctor’s favorite foods.

  1. Show your support to your doctor on social media.

Give your doctor a shout-out on your Facebook or Twitter page by posting inspiring messages about them. Who knows? Your dedication message might bring them more patients!

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