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June 21, 2018

Summer Vacation Fails: Laugh Your Heart Out with These Real Summer-Gone-Horribly-Wrong Experiences

Summer vacations are supposed to be a great time to relax, right? We fly to an exotic island, soak ourselves under the heat of the sun, or go on a spontaneous road trip with our friends and families.

But what happens if things don’t really go as you expected them to? How would you feel when a series of untimely events suddenly strike out of nowhere? What would you do if you encounter a series of mishaps while on your way to a vacation spot?

These unlucky people will show you real-life tales of their summer-gone-horribly-wrong experiences. Get ready to laugh your heart out with these hilarious summer vacation fails:

1. Big Joe sure has a lot of explaining to do when dad gets out of jail. 

2. Who’s down for a day at the beach?

3. No.. Not the Jeep!

4. Remember, it takes a lot of training to be like Tarzan.

5. Looks like someone has taken tanning to a whole new level. One Neapolitan ice cream coming right up!

tried evening out my tan from the other day, didn’t go so well from r/funny

6. Who says you can’t mix work with pleasure? 

I was looking for stock photos to use on “working during vacation” from r/funny

7. If your friends ask, “where’d you go this summer?”

This is how I travel from r/funny

8. Who needs the barbeque grill?


9. That is not a camera filter!

10. At least they tried.


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