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June 6, 2022

These Tanks Helped Liberate Europe from Nazi Rule

Unique Tanks That Allied Forces Used in the Battle of Normandy | Veteran Car DonationsJune 6th, 1944, popularly known as D-Day, marked a critical turning point in World War II. General Dwight Eisenhower, the Supreme Allied Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force, successfully launched the largest ever amphibious attack in military history, signaling the beginning of the end of Nazi rule in Western Europe. Nicknamed Operation Overlord, the attack involved more than 156,000 troops from Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France, and other Allied countries. On that fateful day, the Allied troops landed by sea and air on five beachheads in Normandy, France, to liberate Europe from Nazi rule.


A Closer Look at the Unique Tanks Used on D-Day

A significant part of Operation Overlord’s success was attributed to the fleet of specialized military tanks deployed alongside Allied troops. Major General Sir Percy Hobart, a visionary British military commander, thought of using uniquely armed and armored combat vehicles to crush Nazi forces. He designed bizarre-looking tanks that the Allied armies would use to storm the beaches of Normandy. Here are those tanks:

  1. Duplex Drive (DD) Sherman

Duplex Drive (DD) Sherman | Veteran Car Donations


Nazi forces invaded France in 1940. In 1942, the Allied forces tried to break the strong Nazis’ defenses in Dieppe, a coastal commune, by storming its beaches. Unfortunately, the Nazis foiled the attempted beach landings.

This gave Hobart the idea of converting a Sherman Duplex Drive tank into an amphibious military vehicle by installing propellers and floating canvasses on it. Since the modified armored vehicle could float on water, it was later called the “swimming tank.” The swimming tanks provided additional artillery support to the Allied troops during D-Day.

  1. Sherman Crab

Sherman Crab | Veteran Car Donations


The Crab was a Sherman tank with a flail attached at the front. The flail was made of chains that spun as they hit the ground. The impact would detonate land mines and allow the tank to rip the barbed wires installed by the Nazis. Sherman Crabs cleared the way for the infantry and other tanks to safely break through Nazi defenses and attack enemy forces.

The Crab was not a new invention. Hobart adapted its design from Matilda Scorpion, which was used in earlier invasions such as the Battle of El Alamein. The tank was also equipped with a 75mm gun, which could fire shells at targets when the flails weren’t in use.

  1. Churchill AVRE

Churchill AVRE | Veteran Car Donations


The Churchill Armored Vehicle Royal Engineer (AVRE) was a modified Churchill tank equipped with a spigot mortar that could launch bombs known as “flying dustbins” (because the bombs were shaped like dustbins). It was primarily used to destroy Nazi bunkers and other concrete and steel structures so that Allied troops could break through enemy lines.

  1. Churchill Bobbin

Churchill Bobbin | Veteran Car Donations


The Churchill Bobbin was a modified Churchill AVRE. It was used to lay down wide bobbin carpets on the soft surfaces of beaches. The carpets supported the weight of heavily armed tanks and other military equipment. The tank would lay the carpet down as it moved forward, allowing other vehicles to pass through the terrain.

  1. Churchill Crocodiles

Churchill Crocodiles | Veteran Car Donations


A Churchill AVRE tank armed with a flamethrower was called the Churchill Crocodile. Germans feared the Churchill Crocodiles because they didn’t want to experience the excruciating pain of being burned alive. For this reason, the Allies were able to break enemy resistance, forcing the surrender of many Nazi troops, thus keeping Allied casualties to a minimum.


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