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July 25, 2019

U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs Medical Foster Home Program

Did you know that the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs Medical Foster Home Program has helped countless veterans by giving them a chance to live with a foster family and be cared for by caregivers instead of being put in a nursing home? Whether these veterans are senior citizens or ex-servicemen who sustained combat-related injuries, as long as they’re not able to live independently without nursing assistance, they’re qualified to become beneficiaries.

Recently, more and more veterans are choosing this option because they believe that family-style caregiving is better than the traditional care given in care homes. Apparently, they find this option to be more therapeutic. Here’s what you need to know about the Medical Foster Home Program for vets.

What are Medical Foster Homes?

Medical foster homes are privately owned homes where residents, mostly veterans, can reside. They are individually cared for by caregivers who live with them inside the house. This type of living arrangement may be better for veterans who don’t wish to stay in a nursing home yet still require full assistance in their daily activities.

The caregivers in a medical foster home are available to these veterans 24/7. They’re professionally trained to assist the ailing vets in their daily routines such as taking a bath, getting dressed, administering their medicine, eating, moving around the house, and even doing recreational activities. In a medical foster home, the veterans are given the best care that’s appropriate for their condition.

The most important aspect of a medical foster home is a home-based care provider team that ensures that the needs of the residents are met every day. The team includes a physician or a nurse practitioner, a dietitian to help with the meal plan of the residents, and a variety of therapists.

The Benefits of Being in a Medical Foster Home

Veterans who live in a medical foster home can greatly benefit from it. Here are some of the advantages they get to enjoy:

  • Medical foster homes are a good option for veterans who need alternative long-term care.
  • It’s a great choice for veterans who don’t have relatives to care for them. Living in a medical foster home allows them to feel that they belong to a caring family. This significantly reduces the risk of depression, which is prevalent among veterans.
  • It would be easier for veterans to perform their daily activities since caregivers are always present to offer assistance.

Medical Foster Homes Cost

Although the cost of living in medical foster homes could vary depending on their location, veterans pay an average fee of $2,400 each month. Just so you know, it’s more expensive to live in a nursing care facility than in a medical foster home.

While veterans are eligible for nursing home care, many of them would rather spend their life’s savings to live in a medical foster home. Other veterans could use their insurance if it covers this type of care.

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