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December 21, 2021

Learn More About the Superstitions Surrounding the Winter Solstice

Superstitions Surrounding the Winter Solstice | Veteran Car DonationsSuperstitious beliefs and practices surround one of the most important events in the celestial calendar — the winter solstice. Although some people may think that these traditions are irrational, they’re deeply rooted in legends and stories that have shaped various cultures and lifestyles.

As the northern latitudes tilt the furthest angle away from the sun on December 21st, Veteran Car Donations invites you to take a closer look at some of the unusual winter solstice superstitions that still hold special meanings in people’s lives today.


Winter Solstice Myths, Legends, and Traditions

The transition from darkness to light was primal to the well-being of the ancient communities that were closely tied to the land. Even today, those who live in the far north continue to celebrate the turning point of darkness and the return of hope and light. Check out these winter solstice myths, legends, and traditions as compiled by Veteran Car Donations:

  1. Mythical monsters:
  • Kogukhpak

The Yupik people of the Arctic believed that frog-like monsters called Kogukhpak living underground come out during the winter solstice to hunt. Legend holds that when the sun’s rays hit these monsters, they die. Furthermore, the Yupik people believed that the mammoth carcasses are Kogukhpak that stayed out too long and died when the sun rose on the day following the winter solstice.

  • Kallikantzaros

The Kallikantzaros are horrible gnome-like subterranean creatures who tried to cut down the Tree of Life. According to Greek mythology, these angry monsters emerge during the winter solstice to bring chaos to homes and villages. Like the Kogukhpak, only sunlight could kill them.

Since these monsters were known to lack intelligence and good judgment, the villagers ward them off by putting out colanders. They believed that when the Kallikantzaros see these colanders, they try to count the holes in them until sunrise.

  1. Gods and Goddesses
  • Louhi

According to Finnish mythology, the witch goddess of the North named Louhi kidnaps the sun and moon during winter and holds them captive inside a mountain. People believed that the absence of these celestial bodies during the cold season causes the darkness of winter.

  • La Befana

Italians tell a story of a goddess named La Befana who travels the world on a broom during the winter solstice and leaves presents and candies to well-behaved children. Legend has it that the goddess visits the homes of those who place ragdolls in her likeness by their windows or front doors.

  • Beiwe

Legends say that the Scandinavian goddess Beiwe and her daughter, Beiwa-Neia, ride a structure made of reindeer bones and travel through the night sky during the winter solstice. The locals believed that during these travels, the goddess brings life back to the plants and crops that have been buried in snow.


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