Michigan Car Donations: Let’s Help Our Vets Get Back on Their Feet

Our veterans, our country’s unsung heroes, are once again facing danger even though they’re already out of the combat zone abroad. They have returned home for good, including those who are now back with their families in Michigan.

This time around though, the danger comes not from enemies on foreign soil but, ironically, from lack of support in their own homeland. Once again, they are forced to fight for survival. With the government unable to meet all their needs, our impoverished veterans badly need our support to stay alive and live decent lives as they adjust to civilian life.

A good job is hard, if not impossible, to find for many of them since they had no prior job experience before they joined the military. They spent the most productive years of their lives in the military and have no training or experience to qualify for the available jobs in the market today.

Do You Care for Our Former Troops Who Risked Their Lives for Our Country?

Fortunately, there are charitable nonprofit organizations that are bridging the gap in government service to our veterans. Veteran Car Donations is one of them. We have launched our Michigan car donations program to support our destitute veterans.  However, we cannot succeed without your support.

If you care for our troops, these men and women who fought to secure our nation’s security and uphold our freedoms and way of life, you will not hesitate to donate your car or any other vehicle, either old or not so old, to lend a helping hand to them as a token of gratitude for their valuable services.

The Many Problems Confronting Our Veterans

While we are sleeping comfortably in our homes, some of our veterans may be experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder. Studies showed that 20 percent of our troops who served in the Middle East are suffering from this disorder while one out of 10 is estimated to have substance abuse issues. Approximately 3.6 million veterans are also disabled as a result of the injuries they suffered on the battlefield.

These issues further restrict their chances of finding decent jobs, thus sinking them further in the mire of poverty.

Thus, it is only proper that we all extend our help and support to our veterans by joining the Michigan car donations program. Veteran Car Donations in Michigan is your partner in helping our retired troops get back on their feet.

Why Donate Your Car to Help Veterans in Michigan

Do you have an old truck lying around in your backyard gathering dust and taking up valuable space?  Help our struggling former troops — and yourself as well — by donating it to our Michigan car donations program.

With your generosity, you can make a big difference in the lives of our struggling veterans. Help us provide assistance to our living heroes so that they can rebuild their lives by donating your car to our Michigan car donations program.

We will transfer the proceeds from the sale of your donated vehicle to our nonprofit organization partners. They will, in turn, use the funds to finance their programs and services to our veterans. Part of your donations will support their skills and job training program for our former troops that will help them find gainful employment. Another portion of your donation will be used to pay for the medical treatment and mental health care of our veterans.

Donating your old and unwanted car will also be beneficial to you, so you don’t actually lose anything. Your charitable act entitles you to claim a top tax deduction worth about $500 or even more depending on the final selling price of your car. You also save money since you don’t have to spend any more for car repairs, maintenance, and insurance payment. You would also be able to get rid of that “elephant” in your garage at no cost to you and without you lifting a finger since we would be the one to haul your clunker away and pay for the towing service.

How to Donate Your Vehicle to Michigan Car Donations

We have made the donation process very easy and convenient for you. You only have to do one thing: Call us at 877-494-4662 and tell us that you’re donating your car. Another simple option is to fill out the online donor’s form on our Michigan car donations website. Just tell us the make and model of the car you are donating and where and when can we pick it up. After we verified the information you shared, you can sit back and just wait for the tow company to pick up your vehicle.

We accept many types of vehicles either in running or non-running condition.  Aside from cars, we can also take trucks, vans, motorcycles, boats, camper vans, riding lawnmowers, golf carts, airplanes, snowmobiles, RVs, and fleet vehicles among others.

Michigan: An Ideal State Live In After Retirement

The state of Michigan is filled with great finds, and that’s why it’s the perfect state to live in after retirement. One of the state’s treasures can be found in the Henry Ford Museum. It has exhibits from the Revolutionary Era, Civil War, and Anti Slavery Movement. The exhibits show how our brave soldiers stood strong for our country and the iconic people who stood for what is right against all odds.

It’s now our turn to repay them for their services to our country. Your Michigan car donations will help our retired servicemen and women to have a better life after returning to civilian life.

Help our heroes now. Donate your vehicle today! Call 877-494-4662 to learn more about Michigan car donations.