New Mexico Car Donations: Transform Lives of Our Vets While You Get Tax Deductions

When our troops fought America’s enemies in some foreign battlefields to protect our nation, they put themselves in great peril. When they came back home, some opted to retire from the service after suffering from deep physical and emotional wounds. Now, many of these retired soldiers are having difficulty transitioning to civilian life.

This is what prompted our organization, the Veteran Car Donations, to launch our New Mexico car donations program. We aim to provide assistance to our suffering veterans who could not gain access to the services offered by the national government.

These veterans are now languishing in poverty for failure to find decent jobs for various reasons.

Many are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. This mental health affliction has victimized an estimated 13 to 20 percent of the troops we sent to Iraq and Afghanistan. This anxiety disorder can develop when a person goes through a life-threatening event.

The Serious Problems Faced By Our Veterans

To address this, Veteran Car Donations in Mexico is generating funds to support counseling programs for veterans and their families as well.

Roughly 20 percent of our female veterans have also reported military sexual trauma after their retirement. This mental issue affects them. They have intense or sudden emotional responses and tend to be irritable most of the time. They often find it hard to sleep, prompting some of them to resort to substance abuse.

Recent records show that one out of 10 veterans in the country has substance abuse. This disorder affects their qualifications when applying for a job. Due to the traumatic experience in the field, 3 percent of roughly 600 veterans deployed in Iraq were screened positive for probable drug abuse.

Reasons to Donate Your Car to New Mexico Car Donations

The U.S. government constantly provides assistance to our veterans, but there are thousands more who need help. Veteran Car Donations in the state covers for the lapses of the national government in providing services to our veterans.

Our military and veteran nonprofit organization partners are making it possible to uplift, transform, and save the lives of our troubled veterans.

Among the newly retired troops, only 41 percent of them had prepared for a post-service career. Many of the rest lacked educational qualification and skills to be able to qualify for decent jobs.

Where Your Donations Will Go

Veteran Car Donations in New Mexico, together with our nonprofit partners, has come up with a wide range of services for veterans and their families after retirement.

Here are some of them:

  • Providing support to the spouses and family of soldiers who died in combat
  • Assisting retired troops in their transition to civilian life
  • Building mortgage-free and specially adapted homes all over the country for severely wounded post- 9/11 veterans
  • Fighting for the interests of the country’s injured troops on Capitol Hill
  • Providing tutorial services and educational scholarships for undergraduate veterans
  • Educating the public about veterans’ sacrifices and needs after return to civilian life
  • Making sure troops and their families have a full range of access to government benefits available to them

How You Benefit from Your New Mexico Car Donations

Ever thought about selling that old vehicle to clear up your garage but worried it might not be good enough to sell? You may need to do a lot of repairs to make it “sell-worthy” and it will cost you a lot. You can just donate your car to New Mexico car donations and forget the hassles of repairs and paperwork.

Veteran Car Donations in New Mexico will process everything for you as soon as you contact us to donate your vehicle.

Donating your car gives you the best of both worlds. You transform the lives of our retired troops while you get top tax deductions.

New Mexico Car Donations Process

Our New Mexico car donations process has three easy steps:

First, you can give us a call at 877-978-1070 to donate. You can also fill out our donor’s form on our website. Provide us your car’s make and model, your preferred pick-up date and time, and your vehicle’s location.

After we verify the details you shared, we will make arrangements with a local tow company to pick up your vehicle in 24 to 48 hours.

On the pick-up date, the tow company will give you a receipt that will release you from all liability.

New Mexico Veteran Car Donations will then auction your vehicle. After it sells, we will mail you a letter to inform you of your car’s final selling price. You can use the mailed receipt for your tax deduction claims.

New Mexico: Land of Enchantment

The rich culture and history of New Mexico gave the state its nickname: “Tierra del Encanto,” a Spanish phrase that means “Land of Enchantment.” This nickname was officially adopted in 1999. UNESCO has designated Taos Pueblo in New Mexico a World Heritage Site and a National Historic Landmark.

New Mexico shows its support for our veterans during its annual Memorial Day celebration.

Help our veterans in New Mexico by taking part in our New Mexico car donations program now. Call us at 877-978-1070 to donate.