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Veterans Car Donations works hard for the welfare of our U.S. military servicemen and servicewomen, our veterans, their families, their communities and consequently, our nation. 

These HEROES served our country – without hesitation – in order to preserve peace and the rights we hold sacred. Yet, they are often forgotten by the very people they vowed to keep safe. 

Long after they’ve unselfishly volunteered, we see hundreds of them languishing in our streets, begging for the very basic of needs like food, clothing, medical care and shelter. All but lost and forgotten. 

While the government has provided assistance to hundreds of thousands of these men and women, there are countless more that need to be served, not to mention their families who too, have unselfishly given up their loved ones in the very call of duty.

This is where Veterans Car Donation comes in. We work to bridge the gap of service that government alone, cannot provide. 

With years of experience, collaboration and partnerships, Veterans Car Donation has given the word “assistance” a whole different meaning. To assist is beyond just giving – it is to empower. To assist is to ensure that every vehicle donation goes above and beyond. To assist is to provide not only the basic needs, but to transform lives.

Throughout the years, Veterans Car Donation has partnered with our nation’s leading military and veterans nonprofit organizations that have the same goals and objectives we have – to look after the welfare of our HEROES.

Through our established partnerships and collaborations, programs that help veterans acquire both technical and life skills are thriving. About 700,000 service men and women will soon join the ranks of the unemployed as we pull out from overseas peacekeeping assignments, thus, no time should be wasted – help in all forms is much needed.

Thanks to the countless car donations, from people like you, our nation’s veterans are receiving essential medical care, shelter, food, mental health services, and more. 

Together, let us show our servicemen and women as well as our nation’s veterans that all is not lost, that they are not forgotten, and that there are people like you who CARE.

Donate your vehicle today and help save lives!