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Welcome to the Veteran Car Donations Blog!

Here you’ll find articles relating to the many challenges our veterans and their families face daily.

Delicious Smores | Veteran Car Donations
August 10, 2020

3 Easy Ways to Make the Best S’mores

Celebrate National S’mores Day on August 10th! If there’s one thing that kids (and adults, too!) look forward to when they’re around a campfire, it’s having their s’mores. What’s great about this little sandwich is that it’s so easy to make! Just grab some marshmallows, graham crackers, and a bit of chocolate, and you’re all ...
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Group of Teenagers in a Summer Camp | Veteran Car Donations
August 9, 2020

5 Reasons Why Americans Love Summer Camping

Camping Boost Seen Once Quarantine Restrictions Are Lifted Camping has become an increasingly popular activity here in the country. In the past years, there has been a steady rise of people who have flocked to camping grounds and became instant fans of the great outdoors. Based on the 2018 North American Camping Report sponsored by Kampgrounds ...
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Purple Heart Medal in a Case | Veteran Car Donations
August 7, 2020

Remember Our Heroes on August 7th — Purple Heart Day!

Remember Our Heroes on August 7th — Purple Heart Day! Our nation observes Purple Heart Day on August 7th of each year. On this day, every American is encouraged to pause and remember our servicemen and servicewomen who put their lives on the line to protect ours. Since purple is the color that signifies courage, ...
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Kid Wears Backpack | Veteran Car Donations
August 7, 2020

All You Need To Know About After-School Care

Consider Babysitters, After School Clubs, After School Transport When schools reopen, your kids may finish their school day while you’re still in the office. There will even be times when your kids will have their school day cut short due to heavy snowfall, early dismissal, and other activities. These can catch you off guard, especially ...
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People on a Road Trip | Veteran Car Donations
August 5, 2020

How to Plan a Perfect Weekend Road Trip

How to Plan a Perfect Weekend Road Trip: Maximize Your Weekend Adventure Like a Pro Going on road trips is one of the most popular activities for Americans, especially during summertime when the weather is perfect for getting some fun under the sun. Road trips are the perfect bonding activities for families and friends. They ...
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August 4, 2020

Celebrate National Coast Guard Day this August 4th!

Celebrate National Coast Guard Day this August 4th! On August 4th, the nation celebrates National Coast Guard Day in recognition of the numerous accomplishments of this distinguished branch of our military since it was founded on August 4, 1790. According to historical accounts, the founding of our Coast Guard can be traced back when Alexander ...
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Family Bonding Time | Veteran Car Donations
August 1, 2020

5 Exciting Bonding Activities to do This Month

Have a Blast This August Because It’s Family Fun Month! If you’re looking for an excuse to have fun, you shouldn’t miss celebrating Family Fun Month this August! Before school starts and your busy schedules once again rule over your life, you might want to up the ante a bit and have a blast with ...
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People on a Movie Set | Veteran Car Donations
July 31, 2020

Famous Movies Based On Real-Life Veterans

7 Famous Movies Based on Lives of Real-Life Veterans: Heroism Galore from ‘Patton’ to ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ Looking for a good film to watch that shows what it means to be a real American hero? Our list below describes some of the best movies ever made based on the lives of real-life veterans. Black Hawk Down ...
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Work-from-Home Scam Alert | Veteran Car Donations
July 30, 2020

How to Spot Work-From-Home Scams

Spot Work-from-Home Scams with These 5 Tips Working from home is becoming more and more popular in the United States. Even before the coronavirus pandemic hit the country, there were already more than 5 million Americans who worked remotely. With flexible hours, zero distractions from co-workers, and the freedom to wear comfy clothes and be ...
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Friends Enjoying Nature | Veteran Car Donations
July 30, 2020

7 Meaningful Ways to Spend International Day of Friendship

7 Meaningful Ways to Spend International Day of Friendship If you have friends from other races or countries, the special day to reach out to them and cultivate your friendship is on July 30th. It’s the International Day of Friendship! This holiday was created by the United Nations in 2011 to promote peace and unity ...
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