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Here you’ll find articles relating to the many challenges our veterans and their families face daily.

Abraham Lincoln Memorial | Veteran Car Donations
February 17, 2020

Presidents’ Day: Fun Facts about Our Former Leaders

February 17th: A Day to Commemorate Our Past Presidents Also known as Washington’s Birthday, Presidents’ Day is celebrated by Americans every third Monday of February in honor of our former presidents. While the occasion was originally intended to celebrate the life and contributions of our founding father George Washington, there are certain states that celebrate ...
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Camping Pancakes | Veteran Car Donations
February 9, 2020

Top Camping Meals That Are Super Easy To Prepare

Top Camping Meals that Are Easy to Prepare Nothing could ever come close to the experience of relaxing under the starry summer night sky with your best pals while you swap stories and roast marshmallows in the crackling fire. Camping is one of the many activities that families or friends can do all-year-round. What Are ...
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Man Starting a Fire | Veteran Car Donations
February 7, 2020

8 Camping Safety Tips Every Camper Should Know

8 Camping Safety Tips Every Camper Should Know For many families, some of the wonderful and long-lasting memories they share are those of camping in the great outdoors. A camping trip is definitely a fun way to spend quality time with the people who matter to you the most. As such, it’s an adventure that ...
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Camping with Dogs | Veteran Car Donations
February 5, 2020

Mental Health Benefits of Camping For Veterans

Mental Health Benefits of Camping for Veterans Mental health issues have afflicted many members of our armed forces while in the course of serving our country. While most of us were sheltered from the brutalities of war, these brave men and women were sent to foreign war zones and constantly faced the threat of death. ...
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Enjoying Local Concerts | Veteran Car Donations
February 4, 2020

National Recreational Therapy Month: What Everyone Should Know

National Recreational Therapy Month: What Everyone Should Know For many years now, recreational therapy has been helping individuals of all ages cope with their disabilities through leisure activities such as art, music, and sports. Whether a person is suffering from a developmental disorder, an accident-related injury, or memory problems, engaging in recreational activities is a ...
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Camping Adventure on a Lake | Veteran Car Donations
February 3, 2020

Your Ultimate Guide To The 3 Best National Parks For Camping

Your Ultimate Guide to the 3 Best National Parks for Camping If you want to explore the great outdoors and sleep under a blanket of stars, then you’ll need to pack your bags, hit the road, and head down to one of the three best national parks for camping! Don’t get us wrong—it’s perfectly fine ...
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Crowd Cheering in Super Bowl | Veteran Car Donations
February 2, 2020

Super Bowl Lingo You Should Know

February 2 – Super Bowl Sunday: Super Bowl Lingo You Should Know Are you ready for some chips and dip, endless buckets of chicken wings, and a whole lot of football? 2020 Super Bowl Sunday on February 2 isn’t just for the biggest football fans who tune in for the love of the game. It’s ...
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Man Waving the US Flag | Veteran Car Donations
February 1, 2020

Celebrate Freedom on February 1st!

How You Can Celebrate National Freedom Day on February 1 On February 1, 1845, President Abraham Lincoln signed the 13th Amendment to our nation’s Constitution. The amendment outlawed all forms of slavery, thereby declaring freedom for everyone. The amendment was ratified on December 18, 1865. However, despite this basic tenet of our Bill of Rights, ...
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Bowls of Soup | Veteran Car Donations
January 28, 2020

5 Soup Facts You Never Knew

National Soup Month: 5 Soup Facts You Never Knew If you love soup, then you’ll definitely enjoy National Soup Month, which is celebrated in the deep chill of January. Forget about making up excuses to indulge in a piping hot bowl of your mom’s borscht. This celebration is all you need to satisfy your soup-loving ...
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Holocaust Remembrance Day | Veteran Car Donations
January 27, 2020

5 Shocking Facts About The Holocaust

January 27 – International Holocaust Remembrance Day: 5 Shocking Facts about the Holocaust What took place at the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp in Nazi-controlled Poland on January 27, 1945, will go down in the annals of history. This was the day when the Soviet Red Army liberated the largest Nazi concentration camp along with the rest ...
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