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Here you’ll find articles relating to the many challenges our veterans and their families face daily.

December 7, 2021

6 Accessories to Make Your Old Car Feel New

Give Your Car a Killer New Look with These Accessories! Cars today have tons of bells and whistles that can make you say “wow!” in an instant. Unfortunately, buying a brand-new car can be so darn expensive. But hey, you can always do something to make your ride look like you just bought it from ...
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Ask Yourself Before You Buy a New Car | Veteran Car Donations
December 6, 2021

Top 10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Buy a New Car

This Guide Can Help You Make Up Your Mind Next to a house, a car may be the most significant purchase a person can make in their lifetime. While buying a car is an exciting moment, the process can be intimidating. Aside from the financial investment involved, you have to deal with the added pressure ...
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December 5, 2021

Best Vehicles for Snowy Places: 2021 Edition

With These Wheels, You Can Drive Safely and Comfortably Even During Wintry Weather Traversing snowy roads is one of the biggest challenges faced by drivers. Slippery pavements can cause accidents while heavy snow can also affect road visibility. For vehicles that have not been winterized, their drivers also face the possibility of breakdowns and mishaps. ...
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Black Vehicle Interior | Veteran Car Donations
December 4, 2021

6 Ways to Upgrade Your Car’s Interior

Give Your Car a Fresh Makeover! Tired of seeing the same old interior whenever you get into your car? Do you think it’s time to give it a whole new look? A car may grab everyone’s attention with its flashy exterior, but for many vehicle owners, it’s the inside that counts. Sure, you’d love to ...
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Touch the Hearts of the Needy on Giving Tuesday | Veteran Car Donations
November 30, 2021

5 Ways to Touch the Hearts of the Needy on Giving Tuesday This November 30th

Reach Out to the Less Fortunate After buying holiday gifts for ourselves and our loved ones on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we celebrate Giving Tuesday on November 30th. It’s a day for turning our attention to the less fortunate folks around us and generously sharing with them our blessings. Giving Tuesday is aimed at ...
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Cyber Monday Sale | Veteran Car Donations
November 29, 2021

Shop Safely This Cyber Monday with These 5 Helpful Tips

Shop Online with Peace of Mind on November 29th More and more people have turned to the internet to do their shopping, especially with the world still plagued by the coronavirus pandemic. And, with Cyber Monday coming up on November 29th, expect cybercriminals to ramp up their scams. Cyber Monday is a 24-hour online shopping ...
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Small Business Owners | Veteran Car Donations
November 27, 2021

Small Business Saturday: 7 Surefire Ways of Supporting Local Shops

Get to Know the Importance of Small Businesses The holiday season is almost here. For family-owned businesses and independent retailers, it can only mean one thing: It’s time to go head-to-head once again with big companies. If you haven’t noticed yet, many consumers have been shifting their attention to local shops. That’s quite commendable, especially ...
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Pregnancy | Veteran Car Donations
November 26, 2021

3 Common Gender-Specific Health Concerns for Female Veterans

The Unique Health Risks that Former Servicewomen Face With women veterans comprising about 10% of our country’s veteran population as of 2020, we’re starting to see the unique risks that military service has on women’s health. The physical and psychological makeup of females is different compared to that of males, which is why there is ...
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Black Friday Hacks | Veteran Car Donations
November 26, 2021

6 Black Friday Hacks to Get the Best Deals

The Biggest Shopping Season Starts on November 26th! By now, dedicated and hardcore shoppers must have already marked November 26th on their calendars. It’s Black Friday! Before the invasion of e-commerce, Black Friday was all about braving heavy traffic, long queues, and — who could forget — temper tantrums by some shoppers who were unable ...
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Thanksgiving Celebration with the Family | Veteran Car Donations
November 25, 2021

6 Non-Traditional Ways of Celebrating Thanksgiving This November 25th

Add Your Own Flavor to the Holiday! Tired of serving that same old turkey dinner? Do you think the Macy’s Day Parade is no longer interesting? Well then, looks like it’s time for you to start a new Thanksgiving tradition on November 25th this year! Over the years, families and friends have been coming up ...
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