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Welcome to the Veteran Car Donations Blog!

Here you’ll find articles relating to the many challenges our veterans and their families face daily.

Fuel Injector Leak Test A Step-by-Step Guide | Veteran Car Donations
February 21, 2023

Fuel Injector Leak Test: A Step-by-Step Guide

Learn How to Do Fuel Injector Test! Vehicles from the 80s and newer usually have complex electronic fuel injection systems instead of carburetors. The fuel injection system helps complete the combustion process by spraying the appropriate amount of fuel into the cylinder walls. However, as your fuel injectors age, they’ll start leaking fuel. If you’re ...
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How to Avoid Serious Transmission Problems | Veteran Car Donations
February 19, 2023

5 Signs Your Car Is Not Shifting Properly

How to Avoid Serious Transmission Problems If your car doesn’t shift properly and you don’t take action quickly to have it fixed, you might end up with major car problems that would take a humongous amount to fix. The longer you ignore a shifting issue, the more money you’re going to eventually spend on repairs. ...
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Signs You Need an Oil Change | Veteran Car Donations
February 17, 2023

9 Tell-Tale Signs Your Car Needs an Oil Change

Forgot the Last Time You Changed Your Oil? Think of engine oil as the blood of your car. It’s what keeps the components of your engine moving and operating smoothly. Good, clean oil enhances your car’s performance and extends the life of the engine. Conversely, dirty oil can cause your engine to wear down and ...
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Uneven Tire Wear Patterns and What They Mean | Veteran Car Donations
February 15, 2023

Signs and Symptoms of Tires Wearing Unevenly

Stay Safe on the Road! Since your tires are your vehicle’s primary contact point to the road, they play a vital role in giving you a safe, smooth, and comfortable ride. Your tires help you stop your car quickly and allow you to steer it accurately. For these reasons, ensuring that they’re in good condition ...
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Easy Ways to Fix Scratches on Your Car | Veteran Car Donations
February 13, 2023

Super Easy Ways to Fix Scratches on Your Car

Say Goodbye to Car Scratches Using These 4 Quick Hacks! Does your car have those ugly scratches? Perhaps you thought that having them removed at the shop would cost you a fortune — which could explain why the scratches are still there. What if we told you that you can get rid of those scratches ...
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Ways to Deal with Starter Motor Failure | Veteran Car Donations
February 11, 2023

2 Ways to Deal with Starter Motor Failure

Do You Have a Bad Starter? People who drive modern cars enjoy superb ride quality and comfort over long distances. Consequently, automotive engineering advancements often make it easy for them to forget that their vehicles go through tremendous stress on the road. Since car components wear out over time, car owners who fail to ensure ...
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A Person Leaning on a Blue Car | Veteran Car Donations
February 9, 2023

5 Steps You Need to Take When Your Car Stalls

A Stalled Vehicle Poses a Serious Safety Risk! You’re singing to your favorite road trip playlist, and the next thing you know, your engine gives out while you’re driving down a road. A stalled car is every driver’s worst nightmare. If this happens while you’re stuck in moving traffic, it could lead to crashes, injuries, ...
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The 3 Most Common Causes of Automatic Transmission Slipping | Veteran Car Donations
February 7, 2023

The 3 Most Common Causes of Automatic Transmission Slipping

Stay Safe and Avoid Costly Repairs! A transmission unit converts engine power to motion. Without it, your wheel won’t move an inch. Your car may shift to another gear without warning when your transmission slips. Besides creating a serious safety risk, this problem could lead to costly repairs. For these reasons, a slipping automatic transmission ...
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3 Simple Steps on How to Inspect Your Oil | Veteran Car Donations
February 5, 2023

3 Simple Steps on How to Inspect Your Oil

Here’s the Easiest Way to Avoid Engine Failure Oil is the lifeblood of your car’s engine. It lubricates the engine’s internal moving parts, protecting them from wear and tear. Oil also prevents dirt buildup and helps keep the engine from overheating.  Regularly inspecting your car’s oil level is the easiest way to avoid engine failure ...
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When Should You Replace Your Windshield Wipers | Veteran Car Donations
February 3, 2023

How Often Should You Replace Your Windshield Wipers?

4 Red Flags That Should Compel You to Replace Your Wipers Windshield wipers play a crucial role in keeping drivers safe on the road. They’re there to remove any dirt on the windshield that can obstruct your view of the road ahead while driving — dust, debris, rainwater, and snow. Unfortunately, as with other car ...
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