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Here you’ll find articles relating to the many challenges our veterans and their families face daily.

100 US Dollar Bill | Veteran Car Donations
April 15, 2021

Who Funds the Department of Veterans Affairs?

Get to Know How the VA Works to Extend Aid to Veterans The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, otherwise known as the VA, was created by the United States government with the mandate of delivering essential services to members of our armed forces who have separated from the service.  The department has seen significant support ...
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Man Gardening at Noon | Veteran Car Donations
April 14, 2021

3 Best Ways to Celebrate National Gardening Day

April 14th Is a Day to Show Your Love of Gardening Get ready to grab a shovel and plant seeds on April 14th. It’s National Gardening Day! It’s that time of the year when people get busy growing vegetables, fruit, flowers, and houseplants. It’s a satisfying pastime that has been enjoyed by people for centuries. ...
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Military Woman Doing Rope Challenge on Training | Veteran Car Donations
April 13, 2021

What Women’s Health Services Does The VA Provide?

Know the Health Services the VA Offers Specifically to Women Vets The Veterans Affairs established the Women’s Health Services office in 1988 to streamline services for women veterans across the country. The VA made this move to provide these vets with more cost-effective psychosocial and medical care. During that time, only 4.4% of our vets ...
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Man Drained at Work | Veteran Car Donations
April 12, 2021

Stress Awareness Month: 3 Top Tips to Handle Stress

This April, Learn How to Manage Stress Effectively Stress comes in various forms and is a normal part of life. Did you know that the pressure you feel when you’re in charge of planning something big like a party or a wedding is considered stress? It’s weird how something that’s outwardly positive can make you ...
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Volunteer in Orange Suit | Veteran Car Donations
April 12, 2021

Top 5 Things to Do to Celebrate National Volunteer Month

Support a Worthy Cause This April Do you want to give back to your community or help others in need? There’s no better way to do that than by enlisting yourself as a volunteer for a nonprofit organization that serves a worthy cause. Volunteers are the engines that drive every nonprofit organization. They make a ...
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Couple Photographed with a Pet | Veteran Car Donations
April 11, 2021

5 Fun Ways to Spend National Pet Day

April 11th Is a Perfect Day to Spoil Your Pets If some people were given the choice, every day would be National Pet Day! There’s nothing quite like seeing your furry, feline, or other animal friends as happy as they can be. That’s exactly the reason why April 11th was designated as National Pet Day. ...
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Person Crying | Veteran Car Donations
April 11, 2021

What Problems Do Our Troops Encounter When They Return Home for Good?

Get to Know the 5 Common Problems Our Veterans Face Life in the military has its fair share of challenges. When they are deployed overseas, servicemen and servicewomen have to adjust to the social and political culture of the country they’re in. They invariably find themselves in combat situations, experience traumatic events, and risk life ...
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Mental Health Issue | Veteran Car Donations
April 9, 2021

What Mental Health Conditions Does the VA Treat?

VA Services for Vets Suffering from Various Mental Health Issues If you know of a veteran who is having difficulty sleeping, temper tantrums, feelings of hopelessness or is simply finding it hard to transition to civilian life, you might want to refer them to your nearest VA medical facility. Last year, the VA was able ...
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Person Cleaning Car | Veteran Car Donations
April 8, 2021

National Car Care Month: Top 5 Maintenance Tips

This April, Make Sure to Keep Your Car In Tip-top Shape April isn’t only the month for celebrating April Fools’ Day and Easter. It’s also National Car Care Month. It’s that time of the year when vehicle owners are reminded that ownership of a car isn’t only a privilege but also a responsibility. Some people ...
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Stethoscope Placed on a Table | Veteran Car Donations
April 7, 2021

5 Landmark Events That Took Place on World Health Day

April 7th a Day for Global Health Awareness Every year, we dedicate April 7th as a day for global health awareness. World Health Day was created to highlight critical health issues, raise awareness, and serve as an opportunity to focus attention on pressing health issues around the world. Each World Health Day celebration has a ...
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