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Here you’ll find articles relating to the many challenges our veterans and their families face daily.

Internet Problem at Home | Veteran Car Donations
March 22, 2021

3 Work-from-Home Essential Items to Own

You Can’t Work from Home Without These 3 Essentials Because of the new normal resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, many people are now working from home instead of in company offices. Moreover, with a new generation of young professionals looking for careers that allow them freedom and flexibility, it’s no surprise that working from home ...
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People Sharing Happiness Outdoors | Veteran Car Donations
March 20, 2021

International Day of Happiness: 3 Ways to Fill Your Life with Joy

On March 20th, Tell Yourself to ‘Keep Calm, Stay Wise. and Be Kind’ Despite all the challenges that the world is facing, there is always a reason to be happy. That is why the United Nations came out with a resolution in 2012 declaring March 20th as the International Day of Happiness. The declaration recognizes ...
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Person Welcoming the Day | Veteran Car Donations
March 20, 2021

March 20th Is the First Day of Spring/Spring Equinox

Welcome Sunshine Once Again with These 5 Fun Activities After the long, cold months of winter, it is refreshing to welcome the coming of spring once again. This year, the first day of spring, which marks the spring equinox, falls on March 20th. This event occurs in the Northern Hemisphere when the sun crosses the ...
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Happy Woman Working from Home | Veteran Car Donations
March 20, 2021

3 Tips for Staying Mentally Healthy While Working from Home

Stay Productive, Stay Happy! People have this notion that working from home is easier and more relaxed than working in an office environment. However, while working from home means you no longer have to deal with stressful commutes or rush-hour traffic, it’s not without its disadvantages. Problems range from your losing your Internet connection and ...
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Military Training | Veteran Car Donations
March 18, 2021

Top 5 Traits that Military Recruiters Are Looking For

Interested in Joining the Military? Different people have different motivations that take them through the doors of the military. Whether you’re an adventure-seeker who wants to take advantage of the educational and career opportunities that come along with joining the service or an army brat who wants to serve our nation just like your parents ...
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Person Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day | Veteran Car Donations
March 17, 2021

How St. Patrick’s Day Is Celebrated Worldwide

On March 17th, Wear Green and Join the Parade! St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th is a day celebrated by many people worldwide, including Irish folks and Americans, to mark the feast of the patron saint of Ireland.  The history of St. Patrick is an interesting one. He was born in Roman Britain in the ...
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Job in a Company | Veteran Car Donations
March 16, 2021

Top 10 Employers That Hire Veterans

Know Why Many Companies See Ex-Military Members as Great Assets Every year, approximately 200,000 military members leave the service. As they go home and ease back to their normal civilian lives, one of the challenges they face is finding decent and stable employment. Since most of them enlisted right out of high school, they aren’t ...
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Checking Time After Exercise | Veteran Car Donations
March 14, 2021

Some Interesting Facts about Daylight Saving Time

Advance Your Clocks by an Hour on March 14th It’s time to adjust our clocks once again as we observe the start of Daylight Saving Time (DST) on the second Sunday of March, which is March 14th.   Daylight Saving Time is the practice of advancing clocks by an hour during warmer months so that ...
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Navy Homecoming Salute | Veteran Car Donations
March 14, 2021

Tips for Vets Transitioning Back to Civilian Life

Ways to Beat the Transition Blues It wouldn’t be unusual to hear a former military member say that the process of reintegrating into society is the toughest transition they’ve experienced. Of the veterans who served after the 9/11 attacks, 44% found it difficult to readjust to civilian life. After getting afflicted with mental health problems ...
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K9 in a Demonstration | Veteran Car Donations
March 13, 2021

Pay Tribute to Our Heroic Dogs on National K9 Veterans Day

On March 13th, Honor the Services of Our K9 Units Dogs are known to be man’s best friends, even more so when their job is to protect people from harm and danger. March 13th is recognized as National K9 Veterans Day to honor and commemorate the services and sacrifices of American military and working dogs ...
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