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RV Donations For Veterans

How Do I Donate My RV to Help Support Our Retired Troops?

The simple act of making an RV donation can mean so much for our country’s military vets. Do you have a camper that’s no longer used by the family, whether due to the pandemic or for other reasons? Whatever the case, you might consider supporting a worthwhile cause by donating it to Veteran Car Donations.

Consider making a significant difference for our veterans by donating your RV to Veteran Car Donations. If you have an unused camper, it can serve as invaluable support for those who bravely served our country. Since 2015, Veteran Car Donations has been dedicated to assisting veterans. We provide a convenient and meaningful avenue for individuals to contribute to this noble cause.

Despite their sacrifices, many veterans struggle to receive the support they deserve. Your donation can bridge this gap, offering essential services to those in need. Your contribution holds the power to make a tangible impact. Let’s demonstrate to our veterans that they are not forgotten and that your support truly matters.

While we might hope our troops will be treated like the heroes they are, this isn’t always the case. After serving, many veterans find transitioning to civilian life challenging. Surprisingly, a significant number remain unemployed and without stable housing.

This is why Veteran Car Donations exists. By collaborating with reputable military nonprofit organizations, we aim to fill the gap in services that our government alone can’t provide. When you donate your RV to veterans through our program, we will convert your gift into funds that can be used to provide scholarships, housing and other assistance to former servicemen and women who are undergoing grief counseling or seeking jobs. And when you donate an RV to charity, a tax deduction may come your way in return.

How Does the RV Donation Process Work?

Here at Veteran Car Donations, we see to it that the donation process is totally stress-free. If you want an efficient and smooth donation experience, work with us!

Like many people, you probably don’t like dealing with paperwork or spending money on things that aren’t helpful. That’s why we’ll take care of the paperwork for you at no cost. Plus, towing is free. You only need to contact us and let us know that you have decided to donate. From that point on, we’ll take care of the rest! Here’s how our donation process works:

  • You contact us either by filling out our online form or by giving us a call. You’ll only need to provide us with details about your RV. We’ll arrange a date and time for your vehicle to be towed away at no cost to you.
  • A tow truck arrives at your place to haul your RV away. In case you’re wondering, you don’t need to be present when your vehicle is picked up.
  • We mail you a tax receipt a few days after you’ve made your donation. Feel free to use the receipt to cancel your RV’s insurance and registration.

And just like that, you’re finally rid of an old RV that’s no longer useful to you. Most important of all, you just made a difference in the lives of our heroes.

What Are the Benefits of Making a Donation?

So what’s worthwhile about making a donation with Veteran Car Donations? Aside from enhancing the lives of our servicemen and servicewomen, there are tons of other reasons why working with us is an excellent decision.

  • No need to place your RV up for sale
  • No need to worry about paperwork
  • Free towing and pickup
  • Stress-free donation process
  • Potential top tax deduction
  • More room for your driveway or garage

What Types of RVs Do You Accept?

We accept most recreational vehicles, running or not. Our tow truck will handle the pick-up! We have our tow truck to take care of that!

Here are some of the types of RVs we typically accept:

If you’re not sure if your vehicle qualifies for our RV donations program, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to answer your inquiries. We accept multiple vehicle donations as well!

Can I Donate My RV Without a Title?

Donating an RV to charity presents a convenient solution for individuals looking to part ways with an old or unwanted vehicle. Donors benefit from a streamlined donation process, complimentary towing services, and potential tax deductions. Typically, the primary requirement for donating a vehicle to charity is transferring its title along with the vehicle itself.

What if you wish to make a charitable RV donation without the vehicle’s title? Charitable organizations frequently encounter this concern, and the answer remains consistent. While most nonprofits are eager to accept donated vehicles regardless of type, model, age, or condition, they may hesitate if the vehicle lacks a title.

If you possess an untitled RV that you’re looking to dispose of, one alternative is to take it to the nearest salvage yard where it could be sold for scrap. However, opting for this route means forfeiting your desire to assist those in need and the associated tax deduction benefits.

A solution to this dilemma involves getting a duplicate title for your RV through the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Our experts at Veteran Car Donations can also help you navigate this process.

How Can I Donate Today?

Excited to make a difference in the lives of our brave veterans and their families? Donate to us now! Call us at 877-594-5822 or fill out the form at the top of this page to get started!