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California RV Donations: We Need Your Support!

Let’s all help our nation’s finest men in California through California RV donations. Just like their counterparts from other states, our veterans in California are familiar with the hardships of civilian transition. These men are now in dire need of your support.

Many veterans face hardship after dismissal. Studies have shown that retirement is the most difficult part of a soldier’s life. Most soldiers face multiple hardships during this stage.

Recent studies have also shown that many veterans suffer from physical and mental trauma. These were the results of the horrors faced by our veterans during their deployment. Both these illnesses decrease their quality of life.

Consequences of Veterans’ Physical, Mental Trauma

Physical trauma is one of the most common ailments among our country’s heroes. The injuries they suffered on the battlefields affect them in hundreds of unimaginable ways after dismissal.

Some veterans have difficulties coping with life as persons with disabilities. Others have difficulties in competing with peers in corporate industries. As a result, many veterans run the risk of joblessness, poverty, and even homelessness.

Apart from this, physical trauma also leads to drug dependency. People with physical affliction often tend to rely on painkillers in order to numb the pain. Some veterans even end up in criminal justice due to their drug dependency.

Veterans are no strangers to mental health issues. Veterans return home mentally disturbed after their deployment. They often develop anxiety, depression and even suicidal tendencies.

Some veterans often resort to unhealthy coping mechanisms due to their mental health illnesses. They end up becoming violent individuals. Others resort to alcohol.

What Can Be Done?

We can help our struggling veterans by practicing communal charity with the help of Veteran Car Donations. Through our California RV donations and other vehicle donation programs, we provide you a platform for conveniently helping our veterans in California. This allows you to stand in solidarity with them.

Our vehicle donation programs permeate cities and their respective veteran communities. This allows donors to support the heroes in their own city. An RV donation can help in uplifting the lives of many veterans in California.

Our California RV donations program is a process that puts both clients and veterans at heart. We provide veterans a fair chance at living. At the same time, we provide donors a convenient way to practice charity.

Donating RV to California Veterans

If you’re thinking of getting rid of your old RV, you may want to give our California RV donations program a try. Donating such a vehicle is highly preferable than selling it. For starters, it gives you an opportunity to help our heroes.

Our California RV donations program allows donors to reap exciting benefits. It is more convenient than selling your vehicle. For one, you don’t have to exert effort on pre-selling gimmicks.

One of the biggest benefits of donating an old and unwanted vehicle to veterans is having zero expenses on pick-up and towing. You get a free vehicle pick-up once you’ve decided to sell your vehicle.

The best part of RV donations for veterans in California is enjoying tax deductions. You can enjoy more or less $500 worth of tax deduction from your vehicle. This way, you don’t go home empty-handed.

How to Donate Your RV for Veterans in California

  1. First, contact us!

Reach out and call us at 877-594-5822. You can also opt to fill out our online vehicle donation form. Either option is a fast and convenient way for you to kick-start your donation. Please tell us your contact information and a few details about the RV you’re donating like its make, model, and its year of release.

We usually require the title of the vehicle as a standard procedure. State policies may cause variations in this requirement. In case a title is required and you lost yours, don’t worry. Simply give our friendly Title Department clerks a call at 877-594-5822, and we can help you secure a replacement title.

  1. Second, schedule the pickup.

We will call you back once we have verified the information you provided us. We will ask you for the time and date of your availability for the vehicle pickup. You don’t have to pay for this service. This is on us. Upon pick-up, we will issue you a tow receipt. This will relieve you from all vehicle ownership liabilities, enabling you to cancel and stop paying for your vehicle registration and insurance.

  1. Third, receive a top tax deduction!

Charity has its benefits. You will hear from us within 30 days after we have successfully auctioned off your RV. We will send you the necessary requirements for you to file your top tax deduction.

Basically, that’s it! See how quick and easy that was? You’ve made an impact on the lives of many veterans in just three simple steps.

Donate your vehicle now to California RV Donations! Contact us at 877-594-5822 and become a hero to our heroes!

Veteran Car Donations operates in all 50 states.

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