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Here you’ll find articles relating to the many challenges our veterans and their families face daily.

People Talking on Mental Health | Veteran Car Donations
April 7, 2021

What Kinds of Mental Health Services Does the VA Provide?

How the VA Helps Troubled Vets Veterans who seek mental health care can always turn to the VA for assistance. However, they need to be enrolled in the VA health care program first. Some VA services no longer require membership though.  Over 1.7 million former service members were able to receive mental health services from ...
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Little Boy Salute | Veteran Car Donations
April 6, 2021

The Month of the Military Child: 5 Ways to Support Those Brave ‘Military Brats’

Recognize Their Sacrifice and Bravery This April “Military brat” is a term coined for kids who have either their mom or dad (or both) serving in our armed forces. While the term “brat” describes a child who isn’t well behaved, it isn’t applicable in this case. Being a military brat is a badge of pride ...
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Man in Depression | Veteran Car Donations
April 5, 2021

What Are the Common Symptoms of Depression in Veterans?

Here Are the Signs to Watch Out For The trauma of war experienced by our former troops has left them with feelings of grief and misery. For months, they witnessed their comrades getting killed while they themselves got wounded during combat. Coupled with their separation from their loved ones, these experiences traumatized them. It’s no ...
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Trees in Manhattan | Veteran Car Donations
April 4, 2021

Keep America Beautiful Month: 7 Practical Things You Can Do to Keep Your Community Clean and Green

Reduce Waste, Prevent Litter, and Help Beautify Your Community This April April is Keep America Beautiful Month — a time for all of us to take action to keep our community clean and beautiful. It’s a time for each one of us to contribute to improving our public spaces by pursuing three basic objectives: reduce ...
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Heart Figure Placed on Chest | Veteran Car Donations
April 2, 2021

National Donate Life Month: Meaningful Ways to Help Save Lives

Lifesaving Gift of Organ Transplantation in Focus This April Life is such a beautiful journey, and this becomes even more meaningful when you enable others to have such a beautiful journey as well. You can do that when you register yourself as an organ, eye, and tissue donor. This message rings loud and clear this ...
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Baseball Pitcher Wearing Number 20 Jersey | Veteran Car Donations
April 1, 2021

3 Exciting Ways of Watching Major League Baseball Opening Day

All 30 Teams Scheduled to Play on April 1st   After a pandemic-hit 2020 season, everyone’s hoping for a better baseball season this year as Major League Baseball returns to a full, 162-game schedule. The new season begins on Thursday, April 1st. All 30 Major League clubs are scheduled to play on Opening Day, the ...
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People Covered by Carton Boxes | Veteran Car Donations
April 1, 2021

5 Fun Facts About April Fools’ Day

Get Ready to Prank or Get Pranked on the First of April! The exact origin of April Fools’ Day is shrouded in mystery. The fun-filled occasion observed on the first day of April has been celebrated for centuries by various cultures around the world. The main tradition centers on playing jokes or pranks on unwitting ...
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Business Planning in Pandemic | Veteran Car Donations
March 28, 2021

Tips for Launching a Business While Quarantined at Home

Our Only Limits Are the Ones We Set Ourselves Starting a business can be scary and intimidating, especially if you have no experience at all. It takes time, planning, and of course, money, to launch a business venture. Moreover, many people neither have the capital nor the willingness to take the risk of doing something ...
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Work From Home Burnout | Veteran Car Donations
March 26, 2021

How to Manage Remote-Work Burnout as Pandemic Stretches On

Tired of Being Cooped Up in Your Home? Working from home is one of the major adjustments that employers and their employees have made to fight the coronavirus pandemic. However, amid the continuing lockdowns, quarantines, travel restrictions, and social distancing measures imposed by the authorities to stop the contagion, more and more people are suffering ...
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Stressed at Work | Veteran Car Donations
March 24, 2021

How to Keep a Healthy Work-Life Balance When Working from Home

Too Much Work Is Unhealthy Working from home has become the norm in our country as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The restrictive measures imposed by the authorities to stop the contagion from spreading further have forced many companies to operate using remote workers. The new work-from-home setup is a dream-come-true for many workers, ...
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