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June 14, 2021

Here Are the Best Cities That Our Former Service Members Can Call Home

Getting out of the military and transitioning back into civilian life can be a complicated task for veterans and their families. Some are contented with living in the hometowns where they grew up. Others, however, plan to make a big move to another city — and that can be a smart decision.

Some cities offer an abundance of job opportunities for vets, easy access to health care, great education, and most importantly, the best quality of life. Cost of living is another important factor to consider. Plus, with the ongoing pandemic, some vets want to live in a city with the lowest cases.

The data you’ll see below are taken from the latest findings of Veterans United and WalletHub plus the latest estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau. Here’s everything you need to know about America’s most veteran-friendly cities, especially if you’re a veteran looking for a new place to start over in 2021:

  • Virginia Beach, VA

With an estimated veteran population of 449,974 (U.S. Census Bureau estimates as of July 2019), Virginia Beach has one of the highest veteran population of all the cities listed in WalletHub’s ranking. Having the fewest homeless vets per veteran population, it landed the top 3 spots in economic rankings. The Resort City currently has 6 VA Health Centers and 16 VA Benefit Centers.

  • Kansas City, MO

Looking for a VA health center in Kansas City wouldn’t be a problem anymore — they have 13 facilities, as well as one VA benefits center. As of July 2019, the largest city in Missouri was home to an estimated 495,327 people, 25,119 of whom were veterans.

  • San Antonio, TX

The River City of Texas made it to the top 10 U.S. cities for their economic ranking, which includes veteran income growth, housing affordability, and other factors. For employment opportunities, however, San Antonio only ranked at 81st.

  • Lincoln, NE

Coming in at No. 15th for veteran employment opportunities is Nebraska’s Star City, with a veteran unemployment rate of just 0.9%. Aside from being one of the best places to be for military retirees who are on the hunt for a job, it houses 7 VA benefit centers and 4 VA health centers.

  • Denver, CO

The City and County of Denver ranks 20th for housing affordability and 9th for both veterans’ quality of life and job opportunities.

  • Raleigh, NC

Raleigh is another city with a high veteran population of 19,784 out of its total estimated population of 474,069 in 2019. The VA has 17 health centers and 5 benefit centers in the city. It is ranked as the fourth-best city for veterans, fifth for employment, and 10th for economy.

  • Colorado Springs, CO

Veterans who want to experience the good life would love Colorado Springs, which ranks second for quality of life. It ties with Jacksonville and Virginia Beach for the city with the highest veteran population (51,899 out of Colorado Spring’s 478,221 estimated population as of 2019).

  • Chesapeake, VA

With a veteran poverty rate of just 2.7%, Chesapeake takes the top spot for economy. It also belongs to the 20 best cities for veteran quality of life. It has 16 VA health centers and 6 benefit centers.

  • Orlando, FL

Ranking 3rd and 10th for employment opportunities and quality of life, respectively, Orlando claims the title as the best major U.S. city for veterans.

  • Irvine, CA

While it is tied with five other cities for the lowest veteran unemployment rate, Irvine ranks first for employment opportunities. It is also in first place for health.


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