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November 26, 2021

The Unique Health Risks that Former Servicewomen Face

With women veterans comprising about 10% of our country’s veteran population as of 2020, we’re starting to see the unique risks that military service has on women’s health. The physical and psychological makeup of females is different compared to that of males, which is why there is a need for gender-specific programs and services to address the concerns of our female veterans.

The United States Armed Forces used to be a predominantly male organization, with only a tiny fraction of women serving. Now that we have more women in the service, our military has come up with gender-specific programs and services to better address the needs of both active-duty and former servicewomen.

Post-traumatic stress disorder due to combat exposure, military sexual trauma, and other factors can negatively affect the physical as well as mental health of a female soldier.

Here are three of the most common health concerns experienced by female veterans:

  1. Military Sexual Trauma

Some of our female soldiers and veterans are victims of sexual assault or harassment during their service. Military Sexual Trauma (MST) is an increasing concern, with one out of five women who visit VA facilities saying she experienced sexual trauma when they were still in the service. Common reasons why female MST victims didn’t speak up before were fear of reprisals, embarrassment, and the possibility of people not giving their issue credibility.

MST can have a profound impact on a victim’s mental health, triggering alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and other negative behaviors.

  1. Pregnancy

Following their separation from the service, some of our women veterans take the next step in their lives and become mothers. The pregnancy stage is a crucial step for them since they need to have access to everything they need for the safe delivery of their babies. Many women veterans have not been fully availing themselves of their VA maternity benefits because of a lack of knowledge regarding their coverage. The VA offers full maternity care services for women veterans — from the time of their first positive pregnancy test up to the delivery of their babies.

  1. Menopause

For older women veterans, menopause is something they’ll eventually experience. Sometimes, the symptoms of menopause can be bothersome and disruptive to a woman’s routine. Female veterans can seek help from the VA for both pre- and post-menopause care.


Reach Out to the Struggling Vets in Your Area

The gender-specific health concerns of our female veterans are just some of the challenges that await our troops once they leave the service. Many veterans face huge hurdles in their transition to civilian life. They are saddled by their service-related disabilities, injuries, and mental health issues as well as lack of sufficient educational qualifications and financial resources.

These personal circumstances hinder them from obtaining decent and stable jobs. This is aggravated by their inability to find support, pushing them into a life of poverty. Some even wind up living on the streets as homeless people.

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