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September 5, 2019

Your Heart Across the World: 5 Gifts to Give Your Partner Before They Deploy

If you’re a spouse or a partner of an active military service member, then you’re not a stranger anymore to the challenges that come with being away from your loved one for extended periods of time. Although you’ve always known and understood the nature of a military personnel’s duty to serve the country and how ready they are to deploy at a moment’s notice, the feeling of loneliness is still felt every time they leave home.


What are the 5 Gifts to Give Your Partner Before They Deploy?

You can do something about this by shifting your focus from the loneliness of military deployment to something else. For example, you can keep yourself busy by looking for creative ways to be romantic. Veteran Car Donations gives you a head start with these 5 gifts to give your partner before they deploy.

  1. A Keepsake Jar Filled with a Month’s Worth of Letters

If you’re not sure how long it will take for your letters to reach your loved one before he ships out, you can give him a month’s worth of letters to open while waiting for the mail to arrive. To keep the element of surprise, you can write down instructions on each envelope such as, “Open when you need a good laugh,” or “Open when you’re stressed out,” or “Open when you’re bored.” Fill these letters with lyrics to your favorite songs, Bible verses, poems, jokes, photos—anything that would put a smile on his face.

  1. See-You-Later Care Package

You can get your kids involved when you make this care package for your partner. Bring out the artists in you by decorating the box with colorful wrapping paper and filling it with items such as batteries, PowerBars, 5-hour energy shots, snacks, ping-pong balls, a bubble wrap or a fidget spinner, pictures, gummy bears, or anything that your loved one could use while he’s away.

  1. Engraved Pocket Watch

Have a time-related message such as “I love you more every day” or “I miss you every minute of the day” or “Come home to me soon” engraved on the cover of a pocket watch.

  1. Personalized Dog Tags Set

Before your loved one leaves for the field, give him a special photo dog tags that have your love message on one dog tag and your photo on the other.

  1. Engraved Heart Pocket Compass

Have a real heart-shaped pocket compass stamped with a heartfelt phrase such as “You carry my heart with you” on the back.

Although you hate deployments as much as the next military spouse or partner, sending your heart across the world with deployment gifts will make a huge difference through the challenging months of being apart from each other.


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