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May 17, 2022

Why Are Your Brake Pads Wearing Unevenly?

Brake pads are essential parts of a car, both in terms of functionality and safety. Their thickness plays a crucial role in their operation. With brake pads that have uneven wear, your car won’t brake as well as it usually does, which can put you at risk for an accident.

Knowing what’s causing your brake pads to wear down unevenly makes it easier for you to find ways to fix the problem. However, if you can’t find the cause for the uneven wear, replacing the brake pads is your only solution. Nevertheless, you’d still want to know the cause of the problem. 

Here are five possible causes of uneven brake pad wear:

  1. Caliper issues

A failing caliper is one of the most common causes of uneven wear for brake pads. The caliper has a piston that presses on the brake pads to stop the car.

Once the caliper becomes sticky, the piston won’t be able to slide properly, causing the brake pad to constantly make direct contact with its corresponding rotor. As such, the pad will be used up much faster.

  1. Guide pins

The guide pins are responsible for keeping the parts and grease protected against moisture and debris. If the bushings separate over time, or the grease leaks out, the pins will rub on bare metal. They then either get damaged or get stuck with friction. 

Fortunately, guide pins are cheap and super easy to replace. You can buy them in any auto parts store. Apply as much lubricant as needed and reinstall them with the bushing.

  1. Dirty rotors

If your rotors are dirty or greasy, there’s a huge chance that they’re the cause of your brake pads problem. Clean them with a formulated brake cleaner so that the debris is completely removed. Make sure to apply an anti-rust coating over the rotors to prevent them from rusting.

  1. Master cylinder

Considered as the heart of the brake system, the master cylinder controls the pressure and valves that supply brake fluid to the system. As soon as it experiences some problems, your brake pads, too, will be affected.

  1. Different types of brake pads

Using different brands or materials of brake pads is never a good idea. You have to be consistent with the type you install in your braking system. Otherwise, your brake pads will end up with uneven wear and tear, or even a shorter lifespan.


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We accept almost all types of vehicles, and they don’t need to be in great condition. We’ll take whatever vehicle you’re donating whether it’s still in good condition or not. You can also make your donation anywhere in the country.

Learn about our donation process by paying a quick visit to our FAQs page. For inquiries, feel free to give us a call at 877-594-5822 or send us a message here.


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