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August 18, 2021

What Could Be Wrong with Your Car’s A/C?

Nobody wants to drive around their car sweating like a pig, especially on a hot summer day.

Imagine being on a long road trip to another city and your car’s A/C suddenly starts blowing hot air, with the temperature quickly reaching 150 degrees. And you still got two hours before arriving at your destination! Now that’s going to be one hell of a ride (no pun intended).

So, what might be the problem? What could cause your air conditioner to blow warm air all of a sudden? That’s what we’ll find out here.

It’s essential to identify the issue so you can troubleshoot the unit yourself. That way, you can try to fix it before taking it to your local mechanic.

Veteran Car Donations presents five possible reasons why your car’s A/C is blowing hot air:

  1. Leaking refrigerant

A leaking refrigerant is one of the common reasons why an air conditioner stops producing cold air. Refrigerant is a liquid that’s responsible for providing the A/C its cooling ability. Without proper levels of refrigerant, none of the A/C’s components will be able to function accordingly.

An old hose or punctured or rusted evaporator are usually the culprits behind a refrigerant leak.

However, you might have a hard time discovering a leak, and you might not even notice a puddle of liquid anywhere. How come? Well, unlike motor oil and other car fluids, the refrigerant evaporates as soon as it gets exposed to the atmosphere. Chances of you seeing an oil residue at the leaky area are super slim.

To close the leak, you or a technician can use a sealant specifically for A/C units.

  1. Bad compressor

The compressor gives life to your car’s air conditioner, keeping it running at all times. Your refrigerant won’t circulate through the system without it, which means that you’ll never get cool air.

Compressors are most likely to experience issues after long periods of inactivity, particularly once the winter season ends. Using your car again after leaving it dormant all winter long will shock the system.

Running your A/C system on full blast for at least 15 minutes once every three weeks is the best way to fix a bad compressor. Doing so keeps it fresh while extending its lifespan.

If you have a newer model, you can prevent a broken compressor from happening by activating your condenser under the defrost setting.

  1. Blocked or broken condenser

A blocked or broken condenser makes it impossible for your unit to cool the refrigerant correctly, leaving your car’s system no choice but to operate with overheated refrigerant.

When the  A/C pulls the heat out of your cabin, the refrigerant absorbs it. Then, the condenser will keep the refrigerant cool to continue the cycle. If the cycle breaks, expect your car to feel like a steam room.

You can find the condenser at the front of your car, so spotting any debris or other elements possibly blocking it shouldn’t be a problem. If you find one, simply remove it from the grill of your vehicle and you’re good.

However, if the issue is a broken condenser, the only way to solve it is by replacing it. 

  1. Defective cooling fans

With malfunctioning fans, your condenser won’t get proper cooling, which will eventually result in your car emitting hot air. If you suspect that something’s wrong with your cooling fans, carefully inspect them for cracks or broken parts.

Replacement is your only option if you’re dealing with a damaged fan. If the problem stems from a blown fuse or other electrical issues, you might want to seek help from a professional.

  1. Faulty electrical system

If all components of your A/C are in perfect order, that leaves the electrical system to blame. A thorough visual examination of all wiring should be performed to determine if there are broken or frayed wires.

If you do find any damaged wires, mend them with electrical tape or just replace them altogether. However, if you fail to see any electrical issues, you should take your car to an auto expert for diagnosis.


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