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August 7, 2019

6 Common Challenges after Deployment

What you may not know about our troops is that their lives don’t get any better once their service is over. As a matter of fact, transitioning into civilian life can be as challenging as serving time in the field. Instead of coming home with praises and rewards for their acts of bravery, many of these new veterans find themselves empty-handed and struggling to readjust.

Following their separation from service, they need plenty of time to cope with the traumatic events they experienced in the war zones where they were deployed. That’s just one of the many problems they face. Their families are also heavily affected, seeing how much emotional, psychological, and physical damage their loved ones suffered. Even more devastating is the reality of military members coming home without any family member to welcome their presence.

Here are 6 common challenges faced by our former troops after deployment:

  1. Finding a job

Since many of our veterans either had no prior working experience or were unable to obtain a college degree, finding employment can be really difficult for them. It could take a year or more for them to acquire and master the skills necessary for any job.

  1. Mental health issues

It’s not uncommon for veterans to develop anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder, especially after witnessing and going through numerous tragic events. If they fail to seek treatment early on, there’s a huge chance that their lives will only continue to go down south. Some may even resort to substance abuse, or worse, self-destructive behavior including suicide.

  1. Reconnecting with family

Due to their long absence from home, our veterans will have to re-adapt into their family life. They would have to accept the fact that a lot has changed since they left to fulfill their duty to the country. Relationships with their kids and spouses might already have become strained, which is why they must take time to get reacquainted with one another.

  1. Lack of financial resources

Having no source of income to begin with, it’s not shocking to know that thousands of our veterans struggle with poverty after getting separated from the service. Fortunately, there are organizations that offer various forms of assistance to them, complementing the services provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

  1. Joining a community

While military organizations assist service members whenever they transfer to a new base, many receive no such assistance once they get separated from the service. Many of our retired troops, along with their families, usually find it hard to settle in a new community and build a social network.

  1. Access to services

Another challenge usually faced by veterans is learning how to access services on their own. Since they’re no longer connected to the military, which used to handle such work for them, they now have to process all the necessary paperwork on their own to be able to obtain their benefits from the VA. They also need to get their own doctors, dentists, and life insurance providers.

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