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November 7, 2022

Be Mindful of Early Warning Signs to Prevent Serious Damage

Regardless of the make and model of your car, it’s bound to encounter electrical problems at some point. Once an auto’s electrical system starts to fail, various issues can develop, which will require costly repairs.

The good news is that early warning signs can help prevent serious damage to your vehicle. Knowing those warning signs will make it easier for you to explain the problem to a professional. Plus, detecting them early means getting your car fixed early, which could mean lesser expenses on repairs.

So, what are the most common electrical problems in cars that need immediate attention? Veteran Car Donations gives a rundown:

  1. Dead battery

A weak or dead battery is the most common cause of an electrical problem. Battery troubles usually happen as a result of damage, leakage, or old age. If your lights or engine won’t turn on, or you’re noticing dim lights, chances are, your battery’s about to give up on you.

You can fix the issue with a jump start. If it doesn’t work, you might as well get your car checked by an expert who may recommend a simple battery replacement.

  1. Defective alternator

If your battery turns out to be fine, then you should give your alternator a thorough inspection. A damaged alternator can prevent the battery from recharging. Rapid loss of speed and decreased power are signs telling you that you need to replace your alternator.

  1. Bad spark plugs

Problematic spark plugs will affect your car’s performance. Once your spark plugs get loose or dirty, expect the engine to misfire or your vehicle to accelerate strangely. Your car losing power and coming to a standstill is another sign of damaged spark plugs.

While many people assume that spark plugs are more of a mechanical issue, they’re actually parts of the electrical system. Fortunately, all it takes to fix this electrical problem is by installing new spark plugs.

  1. Difficulty starting your engine

There are many reasons why your automobile won’t start, and a malfunctioning starter is one of them. Despite having a fully charged battery and a good alternator belt, you can’t go anywhere if your engine starter is not working. You need to get an expert to repair or replace it to restore your car’s power.

One way to determine if you have a faulty starter is by being vigilant of the little click sound produced by the starter. If there’s no sound coming out, you should take your car to a trusted repair shop and get it diagnosed.

  1. Blown fuses

Automotive fuses are designed to protect your car’s wiring and electrical accessories. If one of them blows, your car’s power supply will be cut off. You can track down that fuse by referring to the diagram inside your car or your owner’s manual. Having an expert examine the fuse box would fix the issue in no time.

  1. Short circuit

Circuits would fail if they take more than they can handle. Giving your circuit more power than normal may result in a short circuit, which is a serious electrical problem. It could cause your vehicle to burn, or worse, explode. Smelling burning plastic while you’re driving is indicative of a short circuit. Call your mechanic right away to know what’s wrong.


Here’s How to Give Value to Your Damaged Car

Has your car suffered damage because of a serious electrical problem? If you’re no longer able to use it and it’s just clogging your garage, hand it over to us at Veteran Car Donations. We’ll give that vehicle a new and worthy purpose by using it to help transform the lives of the veterans in your community who are facing extreme challenges in life.

Our team will sell your donated vehicle through an auction and use the proceeds to support the life improvement programs for veterans of our IRS-certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit partners. These nonprofits cater to former U.S. service members who are homeless, those who are unable to find decent jobs, and those suffering from service-connected disabilities as well as serious illnesses, including mental health issues.

They use the funding we give them to provide their beneficiaries with housing and financial assistance, family support, employment and livelihood opportunities, free comprehensive health care and medical treatment, psychotherapy services, educational scholarships, and many other benefits.

You’ll reap meaningful rewards in return for your charitable contribution. Instead of driving your vehicle to our nearest facility, you’ll get a free professional towing service from us. We can collect your vehicle anywhere in the country.

Your gift will also entitle you to claim the maximum tax deduction in the next tax season.

On top of these material rewards, you’ll experience the priceless joy of knowing that you’re giving back to those who put their lives on the line to protect ours and secure our freedoms, too.

Since we’re willing to accept nearly all vehicle types, feel free to donate your unwanted car, truck, van, motorcycle, snowmobile, or even your grandma’s old motorized wheelchair.

Head over to our FAQs page to get to know our quick and convenient donation process and other important information you might want to know. If you have questions and concerns, feel free to call us through our 24/7 toll-free hotline at 877-594-5822 or write to us here.


Help Provide Our Hurting Heroes a Brighter Future Today!

You can turn your unwanted car into an instrument of hope for the veterans in your community who are grappling with tough challenges in life. Donating that vehicle to Veteran Car Donations will help them live decent and dignified lives. Call us at 877-594-5822 or fill out our secure online donation form now!

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