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December 11, 2020

Here Are 4 Ways to Ease Service Members’ Concerns About their Families Back Home

Deployment is one of the biggest challenges that military families have to face. Their family members in the military will be stationed thousands of miles away overseas, which means long periods apart from each other, uncertain of the conditions of their loved ones.

It is small comfort to know that there are resources available that one can lean on before deployment, which can help ease a service member’s concerns about their family. Here are four of those resources:

  1. Power of Attorney

Servicemen and servicewomen who are tapped for deployment can prepare a power of attorney for their spouses and family members to conduct businesses on their behalf while they are away. A General Power of Attorney allows the designated person to make decisions about caring for a child, health care, and sales and purchases of homes and property.

  1. Family Care Plan

Service members who are single parents or guardians of disabled family members are required to accomplish a family care plan to document plans for their family members’ care while they are deployed overseas. Family Care Plans provide the designated caregivers with exact plans for arrangements for daily activities, details about the family routine, medical information, contacts, resources, locations of important documents, dependents’ ID cards, and explanations on how to use installment services and military treatment facilities. Important documents include wills, insurance papers, birth certificates, and powers of attorney.

  1. Budgets

To ease the worry of their families about finances, service members are advised to list down the bills that need to be paid each month and ensure that sufficient funds will be available to settle them. Husbands and wives need to discuss financial issues before deployment to ensure that there will be less stress during their time apart.

  1. Wills and Last Wishes

While some people do not want to entertain the idea of anything bad happening during deployment, one can never be too sure what will happen. Service members should draft their will to settle affairs in case anything untoward happens. It would similarly be helpful to discuss last wishes with trusted friends, family members or fellow service members to spare their families from having to make decisions when they’re still in a state of grief.


Challenges Faced by Veterans

While deployment is a challenging time for service members, there are tough challenges that they will have to face when they eventually transition to civilian life upon their retirement or separation from the service.

Sadly, when troops come home after their tours of duty in conflict zones overseas, they bring with them the scars and memories of their traumatic experiences. This prevents them from living a normal life. Thousands of troops who fought in past wars are still haunted by their experiences, many of them suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which some refer to as war shock.

This affects their ability to live normal lives. Some find it hard to find normal work despite their best efforts while some simply surrender to their ordeal.

The good news is that there is hope yet for these war heroes, and you can play a part in their journey to a much better life.

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