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June 17, 2016

How We Turn Your Vehicle Into Care For Veterans

We think it’s utterly important that veterans are giving the care and welfare they deserve. While the government provides support to numerous vets, there are still loads that need to be helped out. These veterans have families too, who made their own sacrifices as well. It’s not right that so many veterans are living in terrible conditions, and struggling to get by.


Vehicle Donations Transform Lives With Veteran Car Donations

At Veteran Car Donations, we aim to provide a service to veterans that the government just can’t. Our years of experience have helped us ensure that every car donation goes above and beyond. We don’t set our sights on providing vets with basic needs. Yes, we want to achieve that, but we also want much more. It’s our mission to transform the lives of ex-servicemen and women all throughout the country. And, all it takes is for someone to donate their vehicle.

Since our inception, we’ve formed partnerships with numerous military and veteran nonprofit organizations. We only partner with charities that focus on the same goals – to help support our nation’s veterans. After all, these people put their lives on the line to help protect our country. They sacrificed a comfortable life, left their families at home, to fight for our freedom and keep us safe. The least we can do is help them get the support they need – whether physical, mental, employment, or housing – when they return home.


How Car Donations for Veterans Help Fund Programs

With our partnerships, we’ve helped grow numerous programs that will help veterans. They are designed to help vets gain the technical and life skills they need in today’s society. It’s common for a lot of veterans to feel lost when they return home. They’ve been through so much – it’s difficult to reintegrate into society.

We use your car donations to help fund these programs for our heroes. We take your car and look to get the most out of it. Vehicles are sold, and the money goes directly towards these programs. We try and get every penny out of your donation, and put it to a good cause.

Over the years, your donations have helped us provide essential medical care for veterans too. Along with this, the money has contributed to providing shelter, food, and mental health services as well. Every car helps to provide care and support for the people that fought to keep our great country safe.

It’s thought that hundreds of thousands of veterans will soon become unemployed. This makes the call for action even greater than before. We need car donations to help keep up the support we already provide and prepare for an even greater influx of need.


Donate Your Car and Help Veterans Today!

It’s quick and easy to make a donation and show our ex-servicemen and women that you care for them. Hopefully, your unused cars, trucks, boats, RVs, and more can help us keep as many veterans off the streets and get them into employment. There’s no time to waste; we need to act fast and take care of those that fought for our lives and helped us raise our families in a peaceful climate.

Veteran Car Donations operates in all 50 states.

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