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October 7, 2019

How Outdoor Activities Help Veterans Heal

Did you know that many veterans who struggle with psychological issues prefer to address them by taking part in group-based outdoor recreational activities? In case you’re not aware, it’s not uncommon for former U.S. military servicemen and servicewomen to suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression, and anxiety as a result of their combat experience.

While other vets have resorted to clinic-based treatments as a means to address their condition, many of them claim to have resolved their issues by engaging in outdoor activities. Today, Veteran Car Donations invites you to take a closer look at how outdoor activities help veterans heal.


Duval and Kaplan’s Nature Recreation Programs

Researchers Jason Duvall and Rachel Kaplan from the University of Michigan devised a 4 to 7-day group-based therapy for veterans and their families in 2013, with 98 veterans taking part, 78.4% of whom were male and 58.6% aged 30 to 49 years. Of the total number of participants, 78.5% served in the military within the previous 10 years while 44% served in the previous five years. Furthermore, 54% suffered mental health issues that affected their daily lives while 70.4% underwent treatment for the same issues or substance abuse since they were last deployed.

To determine whether the recreational activity had an effect on the well-being of the veterans, the researchers used a five-point scale self-report. In the questionnaire, the veterans were asked questions such as, “In the last few weeks, how often have you felt like your life had clear goals or purpose?” and “When confronted with a difficult situation how frequently do you try to look on the bright side of things?”. Activities like canoeing, backpacking, water rafting, and fly fishing were among the activities included in the program.

After the activity, the researchers were able to notice the activities’ positive impact on the general well-being of the participating veterans. Aside from the fact that they claimed to have experienced less stress and more tranquility during the duration of the activities, their social functioning and psychological well-being significantly improved as well. Even those who previously struggled with serious health issues reported having felt better.


How to Help Our Struggling Veterans

Up to this day, many of our veterans are confronted with health issues despite the advancements in therapeutic techniques. This is mostly because of the fact that they have little access to programs that could address their problems. Fortunately, there’s something we can do about this.

Vehicle donations made to Veteran Car Donations can help our war heroes receive the treatment that they need for them to be able to live the life they deserve. We auction off all donated vehicles and use the funds generated from the sale to support the programs of our IRS-certified 501(c)3 nonprofit partners. These nonprofits offer critical veteran programs that provide free mental healthcare, education scholarships, mortgage-free and specially adapted housing, transitioning assistance, grief counseling, employment services, and more. One of our nonprofit partners, Heroes on the Water, offers the kind of therapeutic service described here—outdoor activities that help veterans heal.

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