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March 13, 2019

How Therapeutic Gardening Helps Veterans

Getting in touch with nature can be a great outlet to relax our minds and simply release all the negativity that surrounds us. One such activity is gardening. Apart from reducing stress and anxiety, gardening also makes one productive, giving all the more reason for everyone to engage in the hobby.

Among those who may greatly benefit from gardening are our veterans, particularly those suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other mental health conditions. As our troops return home from deployment overseas and get separated from the service, many of them feel useless, often left to wonder what will happen next in their lives. By trying their hand at gardening, these men and women could find themselves getting better each day.

With the positive impact gardening brings, VA hospitals across the country have designed programs for therapeutic gardening. Vets can grow fruits and vegetables in a greenhouse or even in a plant nursery installed within the community. Their families can even join them, giving them the opportunity to strengthen their ties by bonding over plants.

Gardening Improves Mental Health

Growing plants has been proven to bring numerous benefits to a veteran’s mental well-being. By placing themselves in an atmosphere that’s both calming and serene, vets with PTSD, anxiety, or Traumatic Brain Injury are able to keep their minds at peace.

Tending to the plants—whether by trimming, sowing, watering or weeding them—allows them to forget about their problems. Immersing themselves in nature is also a great way to release happy hormones and get rid of the bad memories that have been causing their distress.

It Keeps Vets in Good Shape

Gardening requires a lot of movement, with all the digging and plowing that one must do. For that reason, it can actually be a good exercise for veterans.

Additionally, gardening can facilitate healthy eating. We all know how vegetables can be really beneficial for one’s health. Once their leafy greens or berries have fully grown, these vets can include them in their diet.

It Can Serve as an Emotional Outlet

Veterans with anger issues can turn to therapeutic gardening to heal themselves. For instance, they can unleash their aggression by yanking roots or chopping off dead branches. What makes it even better is that these “destructive” acts are actually beneficial in gardening, allowing many new plants to grow.

It Stimulates the Brain

Surprisingly, gardening is also good for the brain. The activity has been found to enhance our critical thinking and problem-solving skills. With many of our vets needing to sharpen their minds for employment or school, they can start by growing plants in their backyards.

It Builds Social Connection

Lastly, vets who engage in therapeutic gardening, especially first-timers, get the opportunity to meet other veterans who also share a love for the hobby. As they exchange ideas and work together, a bond could develop among them. Just like their plants, their friendship could start to blossom as time goes by.


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