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October 11, 2019

How to Donate a Car in California

Are you having a hard time finding a reliable car donation program in the Golden State? Allow us to help you out.

With so many charity programs in California that accept vehicle donations, you might find it hard to choose one that suits your needs.

You might find yourself getting interested in a certain nonprofit for the homeless, but the thing is, they don’t take poorly running cars like the one that you have. If that happens, don’t worry. You have lots of other options to choose from.

Just remember to follow these tips before you decide to give away that old car of yours.

  • Choose a certified 501(c)3 nonprofit charity.

If you’re planning to donate your car to get a tax deduction, it’s crucial to check the status of the organization you’re about to contribute to. Bear in mind that donations made to nonprofits with a 501(c)4 status are not tax-deductible. See if your preferred California car donation program qualifies as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

  • Make sure that your chosen charity accepts car donations.

Have you found a reputable organization that champions a cause you support wholeheartedly? That’s great! However, before you donate, ask first about the types of donation they take. Not all nonprofits accept car donations, so it’s better that you check with them first.

  • Learn about the benefits you’ll get when you donate your car.

It’s true that good deeds come with surprising rewards. By donating your old vehicle, you not only get rid of a burden but also do yourself a big favor by giving yourself the privilege to receive a top tax deduction. Many donation programs also offer free towing services.

  • Know the donation policy implemented by the DMV.

Before donating your car, make sure that you’ve already familiarized yourself with the rules and requirements being implemented by the DMV. Donating your car is quite similar to reselling it since you’ll also need to have it de-registered. Talk to your local DMV office to learn about the requirements for California residents.

  • Watch out for scams.

The most important thing you need to do is to ensure that you’re not dealing with a phony group acting as a charity. To guarantee your safety, check if your chosen nonprofit belongs to any of the following organizations: Charity Navigator, Charity Watch, and GuideStar Charity Check.


Donate an Old Car for the Benefit of Struggling Vets in California

If you’ve always wanted to give back to those brave men and women who have fought for our country, it seems you have come to the right place. Veteran Car Donations might just be the perfect home for your old or no-longer-needed automobile.

When you donate to us, you give our struggling veterans the chance to enjoy civilian life once again. We will sell your car donation via auction and use the proceeds to support the programs and services of reputable military and veteran nonprofits that we are in partnership with. These IRS-approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations provide homeless veterans and those with service-connected disabilities with mortgage-free and specially adapted homes. Those suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and other mental issues are provided with free mental health care while those seeking jobs are given employment opportunities and job training. Other underprivileged veterans get to receive transitioning assistance, tutoring support, education scholarships, financial assistance, and many other benefits.

At Veteran Car Donations, we’re open to pretty much all sorts of vehicles, including those that are no longer in good running condition. Not only that, but we’ll also be handling all the paperwork involved. As for the towing, it’s totally free with us!

The best part of it is that you have the opportunity to receive the maximum tax deduction!

For more information on our car donation program, check out our FAQs page. For inquiries, you can call us anytime, any day at 877-594-5822 or contact us online.

You can donate to Veteran Car Donations by filling out our secure online donation form or calling us directly.


Uplift Lives of Our Heroes with Your Car Donation!

Whether you’re in Brentwood, Fullerton, Irvine, LA, or any other Charity Watch, you definitely won’t miss us! Give us a call at 877-594-5822 and uplift the lives of our nation’s heroes with your car donation!

Veteran Car Donations operates in all 50 states.

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