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September 10, 2019

Military Relocations: How to Help Your Children Adjust to a New School

Relocating can be extremely stressful and overwhelming for anyone. However, for military families, leaving the old life and starting a new one at a new place comes with the job. It’s difficult enough for the adults to always pack up and leave. Imagine how much harder it can be for the kids.

According to the Department of Defense Education Activity, military children move to a new place and get into a new school at an average rate of six to nine times within their K-12 years. Although they have the perks of traveling and seeing new places, the process of transition can be painful and difficult for them. It can be especially hard for younger children because they have a lot to go through to keep up.


Useful Tips on How to Help Your Children Adjust to a New School

If your child doesn’t have a hard time adapting to a new school and a new environment, you’re lucky. Not all military parents have it easy, and some kids need lots of encouragement to fit in. If you’re looking for advice, Veteran Car Donations gives you these useful tips on how to help your children adjust to a new school.

  1. Get to know your kids’ new school.

If your family’s relocation to a new place becomes final, ask your kids to do some research with you about the new school they will enroll in. Look for anything that the new school offers that might spark their interest like school team sports or glee clubs. Giving them a sneak preview of their new school will somehow give them a glimpse of what their new environment would look and feel like.

  1. Get involved in school activities.

The more your children see you getting involved in their school activities, the better chances they’ll have of gaining confidence to join school groups. You may sign up to be a part of the PTA or a classroom parent. This way, you’ll get informed about various school activities and events.

  1. Get your children up to speed.

The school your children are moving to may have a different curriculum than the previous school they attended. To prevent them from struggling to keep up, fill in the gaps beforehand by introducing them to the workbooks or reading materials of the new school. This way, when they start school they can immediately get on the same page with their classmates.

  1. Put notes on their lunch bags.

Sometimes, all your kids need is a gentle nudge. As you make their lunches, make it a habit to write words of encouragement on post-its and stick them on their lunch bags. This can cheer them up and make them feel better especially during the first few days of school.

  1. Consider professional help.

If you see your children struggling to adjust to their new school even after a considerable period of time, it’s perfectly fine to seek professional help.


You Can Do Something to Help Our Veterans and Their Families

Our veterans played a very important role in upholding our freedom and keeping the security of our country. At the time when their families needed them, they were gallantly fighting wars and risking their lives someplace else.

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