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January 24, 2022

6 Tips to Avoid Getting Victimized by Car Thieves

Would you believe that it can cost you around $3,000 to replace a stolen catalytic converter? That is, if you own a Toyota Prius, which appears to be the favorite target of car thieves. Catalytic converters of other car brands and models are worth a fortune as well.

Your catalytic converter is more than just an instrument for turning pollutants from your car’s exhaust into less hazardous gases. It can also be a magnet for thieves.

If you’re wondering why, there are two reasons. First, stealing a catalytic converter is pretty simple. You just need a jack, an angle grinder, and a few seconds to get the job done. Second, valuable metals are found inside your catalytic converter. You can easily make 500 bucks or more by selling it on the black market.

Veteran Car Donations has compiled these six tips coming from top auto mechanics and law enforcers on how you can protect your vehicle against catalytic converter theft:

  1. Install an anti-theft device.

Invest in a cable locking device to ensure that your catalytic converter won’t get stolen. It might be a bit pricey for you, but it’s way better than replacing your converter in case it gets stolen.

Among the most popular locking devices are cages made of rebar, steel shields that fit over the converter, and stainless-steel cables welded from the converter to the car’s frame. Certain muffler shops offer customized welding.

  1. Mark your converter with a serial number.

Car thieves, especially those who have been in the “field” for so long, avoid catalytic converters with serial numbers. They know that stealing one can get them identified by scrap dealers and eventually apprehended by the police.

Have your converter etched in any of the auto repair shops in your area. They may also provide you with a sticker to display on your window, indicating that your catalytic converter is marked. This will deter anyone who’s planning to steal your converter.

  1. Have the bolts welded.

If your catalytic converter happens to be bolted on, request an auto repair shop to have the bolts welded to make it harder for car robbers to remove the converter.

  1. Paint your catalytic converter.

Painting your catalytic converter with a high-temperature fluorescent orange paint, like the one used on barbecue grills. is another effective way to prevent its theft. After painting it, you’ll need to inscribe your vehicle identification number on the newly painted area to make it traceable.

  1. Set up an alarm or a dashcam.

Turn up the sensitivity of your car alarm. The high-pitched noise should be enough to scare away auto thieves as soon as the alarm goes off.

Likewise, consider installing a motion-sensitive dashcam. This can notify you when there’s theft taking place in real-time. Though not all the time, dash cams can capture the license plates of getaway cars.

  1. Park wisely.

Stealing your catalytic converter requires thieves to slide under your car and detach the box from the pipes around it using cutting tools. That’s why it’s smart to park your car with its rear portion positioned near walls or fences. Just be sure not to block pedestrian access.

Parking your car in well-lit areas also lowers your risk of auto theft.

At home, be sure to park your car in your garage at all times. It would be much better if you have security cameras around to give you extra peace of mind.


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