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August 16, 2021

Not Sure How Car Waxing Works?

Waxing your car is one of the best ways to make it look attractive. It’s not just about that, however. Waxing also protects your vehicle’s exterior from the effects of aging and weathering.

While it may involve some elbow grease, it’s a productive way to spend a free weekend afternoon. Plus, it can be a rewarding experience to see your vehicle shining bright in your driveway. Your neighbors might even think it’s a new one!

If you’re not sure how car waxing works, you’re at the right place. We at Veteran Car Donations are here to share with you the six steps to giving your precious ride a perfect waxing. Before that, let’s talk about the materials you’ll need.

What You Need:

  • High-quality car wax
  • Wax pad
  • Soap and chamois
  • Soft detailing brush
  • Microfiber towel
  • Orbital buffer (optional)

There are two types of products you can use to wax your car: paint sealant and carnauba-based car wax. Paint sealant is a polymer-based wax that gives extra protection and a longer-lasting shine. On the other hand, carnauba wax, which is made from the leaves of a Brazilian palm tree, provides a high-quality shine although not as long-lasting as the sealant. You can find both types at most auto parts retailers and local big box stores.

It’s a good idea to buy a wax that’s in the middle of the price range just to ensure that it’s of decent quality. Auto wax packaged in a small tub is the most popular form, though you can also choose one that’s sold in spray and liquid form if you prefer.

Once you’ve picked your high-quality car wax, along with the other necessary items, you may now begin waxing your vehicle.

Step 1: Wash your car.

It’s always ideal to apply wax to a clean car, which is why you should either take yours to a car wash or wash it yourself before waxing it. It’s an essential step since any dirt or grime left on the surface may cause the paint’s clear coat to scratch as you apply the wax.

See to it that you wash each part thoroughly, especially the neglected parts such as the door handles, door jambs, and the area where the side of the vehicle transitions to the underside. Wait until your car is completely dry before you start waxing it.

Step 2: Refer to the instructions on the car wax package.

Instructions may vary depending on the type and brand of wax you’re using, so be sure that you go through all of them first. That way, you’ll be able to apply the wax correctly, achieving the best results and giving your car a fabulous makeover.

Step 3: Apply wax to the waxing pad.

If you’re using a liquid paint sealant, you’ll need to apply it directly onto the pad. If you’re using car wax in the tub format, open it and remove the pad. You’ll see another lid under the pad, which you should open to access the wax.

Begin the waxing with only a small amount of wax regardless of which type you use. The pad will get more and more saturated with the product as you continue to wax your car, which explains why it’s unnecessary to apply too much wax at the start.

Step 4: Wash your car in sections.

Wax your car in sections as much as possible so you can easily remember where you already applied the wax. Other than that, you’ll prevent the wax from sitting on your vehicle for too long and drying out. Leaving the wax for a long time makes it harder and more strenuous to remove the wax.

You might want to start on the front fender panel which is located on both sides of the car, on top of the front wheels, and extending to the front of your vehicle.

Step 5: Follow a small, circular motion as you wax

Using a small, circular motion is the best way to apply car wax. To ensure that the whole area is covered, use either vertical or horizontal rows of circles. Avoid applying too much wax as much as possible as it can make it more difficult to remove it.

Ideally, you can apply a thin layer where the paint color is still visible through the wax. After applying the wax, you’ll notice that the wax will begin to dry within several minutes. Once it’s dry, the wax will look matte and provide a chalky texture.

Step 6: Use a soft cloth to remove the wax.

Now that you’re done waxing, it’s time to remove it from your car’s surface with a chamois, microfiber towel, or some other soft cloth. Gently apply pressure to the cloth and use a circular motion to remove the majority of the wax.

As soon as the visible wax is gone, you may polish your vehicle faster to increase the shine and luster of the paint. Once you’re done removing the remaining wax, you’ll feast your eyes on a car with an extremely shiny and glossy surface.


Got an Old Vehicle You No Longer Use?

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We’ll place your auto donation up for auction, with the proceeds going to our nonprofit partners. These IRS-approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations use the money we give them to provide their beneficiaries with free quality health care, financial aid, housing assistance, employment opportunities, family support, educational scholarships, psychotherapy services, and many other benefits.

As our donor, you’ll get to enjoy the highest possible tax deduction you deserve. You’ll also receive free pickup and towing service from us wherever you’re residing in the country.

The best reward you’ll get, however, is the priceless feeling of joy and satisfaction for helping uplift the lives of our nation’s heroes.

We take almost all types of vehicles, including those that barely run anymore. Head over to this page to get a complete idea of what we usually accept as donations.

If you want to learn more about our vehicle donation program, feel free to visit our FAQs page. For inquiries or concerns, reach out to us at 877-594-5822 or send us a message here.


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