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December 13, 2019

It’s the U.S. National Guard’s Birthday on December 13

On December 13, the country will be celebrating the 383rd birthday of the U.S. National Guard. It’s the oldest military organization in the United States, having been established on December 13, 1636 when the first militia regiments in North America were organized in Massachusetts.

The National Guard is America’s second-largest force next to the Army. Composed of the Army National Guard and Air National Guard, the reserve component of the U.S. Armed Forces currently has 442,600 members. It has played a crucial role in the nation’s security, having fought in every U.S. war since 1936.

Like the rest of your fellow Americans, you can take part in the celebration of the National Guard’s birthday by simply thanking the members of this force for their service to our nation.

Despite not being a federal holiday, the U.S. National Guard’s birthday is celebrated in all parts of the country, with people holding huge black-tie events such as balls, luncheons, and galas. Local communities would organize commemorative events to honor current and former members of the National Guard.

What’s the Role of the National Guard?

Comprised mostly of citizen soldiers, units of the National Guard are called upon to fight in times of war and emergencies. These soldiers serve both our nation and communities, taking part in overseas combat missions and responding to domestic emergencies like natural disasters and civil disturbances.

4 Ways to Mark U.S. National Guard’s Birthday

Whether risking their lives on the battlefield or rescuing civilians from flash floods, the members of the U.S. National Guard have played a crucial role in keeping our nation safe. As such, they truly deserve our utmost respect and recognition. Here are four ways of observing the National Guard’s birthday and showing your gratitude for both past and present members of this military unit.

  1. Lend a helping hand to a National Guard veteran.

If you know someone in your neighborhood who is a former member of the National Guard, make the day extra special for them by offering to finish their chores.

  1. Send ‘thank-you’ notes.

A short and sincere letter to express your gratitude can mean the world to them.

  1. Attend a local fund-raising event.

Look for a fundraiser in your community to help out former members of the National Guard. Join the fundraiser and invite your family and friends to tag along.

  1. Donate to a military-focused charity.

Give back to our heroes by making a charitable donation to a nonprofit that’s dedicated to promoting the welfare of both our active-duty troops and veterans. Here’s a list of these organizations for you to pick from.

Impact Lives of Our Vets with Your Car Donation

You can celebrate the U.S. National Guard’s Birthday in a most meaningful way turning over any type of vehicle you no longer need to Veteran Car Donations

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This is why we’re reaching out to you. Your vehicle donation can make a lasting impact on their lives. We’ll auction off your donated vehicle and distribute the funds to our IRS-certified 501(c)3 nonprofit partners. The funding they get from us helps them in delivering critical services to deserving veterans. These services include educational scholarships, mentoring and job training, access to medical care, mortgage-free and specially adapted homes, and many other benefits.

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A Day to Show Your Gratitude

As we celebrate the 383rd birthday of our National Guard on December 13, let’s show our gratitude to our nation’s heroes for what they have done for our country – safeguarding our liberties and protecting our nation’s security. Call us at 877-594-5822 or fill out our online donation form now! Uplift the lives of our struggling veterans with your car donation today!

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