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May 23, 2020

Memorial Day Weekend: 5 Patriotic Party Games to Play – Show Your Patriotism with Fun Activities on May 23-25

The Memorial Day weekend is one of the most anticipated days in the U.S. because it heralds the official start of summer. The three-day Memorial Day weekend this year is set for May 23 up to May 25, which is  Memorial Day itself (last Monday of May).

While paying tribute to our fallen soldiers on Memorial Day, many of us would be looking forward to a weekend filled with celebration even as patriotism runs high. Most Americans celebrate the Memorial Day weekend with parties and get-togethers. From families to communities, people salute the flag and show their patriotism through fun activities to showcase their love for their country and all that it stands for.

Fun Patriotic Party Games

If you’re hosting a party this Memorial Day weekend, make sure that it’s not going to be boring. Here are some patriotic games that kids and adults will surely enjoy.  

  1. Patriotic scavenger hunt

Divide your guests into groups to find a list of items hidden in your home. Discuss the significance of each item after the winner is declared to make the activity both fun and educational.

  1. Patriotic charades

Have a Memorial Day-themed charades game. Include items like movies, food, and significant events among the categories. Have fun with the topic.

  1. Red, white, and blue tag

Level up the simple game of tag by giving participants red, white and blue chips. However, it becomes pretty much a free-for-all after the start of the game as each contestant tries to tag another to get their chips. The player with the most chips at the end of the game wins.  

  1. Competitive eating contest

Have the adults line up to participate in a friendly competitive eating contest with the most American foods you can find. Hotdogs, burgers, chicken, and pie qualify. Instead of judging by the most amount of foods eaten, why not set an equal amount of foods for each participant and judge the winner by the fastest time the foods are consumed?

  1. Memorial Day Bingo

Have a bingo game with your party guests and provide a prize for the winner such gift certificates to the local burger joint, tickets to a local show, or a month’s worth of subscription to a streaming site. It is simple and can easily be organized. Kids and adults alike can participate. Use red and blue markers on the white card.

Pay a Kind Act Forward to Our Living Heroes

If you can imagine the trials and tribulations that American soldiers went through in the wars our country fought for our sakes, you will fully understand the value of Memorial Day and what it stands for.

More than the parties and celebrations, the holiday is about the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice of giving up their lives to ensure our freedom and security.

You may want to express your gratefulness to our fallen heroes by paying a kind act forward to our living yet unsung heroes in need. All over the country, many of our veterans are silently suffering as they face tough challenges in transitioning to civilian life. They are burdened with poverty, homelessness, lack of jobs, service-connected disabilities, and illnesses including mental health disorders.

Memorial Day is an apt reminder of what these former soldiers have been through. They may have survived the battles they fought, but now they are faced with a much tougher battle for survival — especially now that the whole country is in crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Salute Our Vets Today with a Car Donation

Our veterans deserve a chance to live a life of dignity after all that they have been through. They are the reason why you can celebrate and enjoy the Memorial Day weekend in the company of your family and friends. Make a difference in the lives of our suffering heroes with your car donation. Call us at 877-594-5822 or fill out our online donation form now!

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