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February 5, 2020

Mental Health Benefits of Camping for Veterans

Mental health issues have afflicted many members of our armed forces while in the course of serving our country. While most of us were sheltered from the brutalities of war, these brave men and women were sent to foreign war zones and constantly faced the threat of death. They engaged the enemy in combat, watched their comrades get injured or killed, suffered injuries themselves, and witnessed carnages and brutalities that continue to haunt them even now.

These challenges, coupled with long periods of separation from their families, loss of control, and a sense of uncertainty about what the future holds, have left our nation’s heroes broken—in their minds, bodies, and spirits.

Did you know that as many as two million veterans are struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)? In fact, about half of them have either dropped out of formal treatment or are not interested in seeking treatment at all. These numbers have led to the growth of alternative treatments for mental health disorders among veterans. Some of these alternatives involve outdoor programs that include camping.

What Are the Mental Health Benefits of Camping for Veterans?

Veterans who’ve decided to pursue inner healing by embracing nature have attested that camping in the great outdoors has given them the freedom to appreciate and explore the beauty of the world around them without external distractions. Furthermore, studies show that this activity has contributed much to their mental health and psychological well-being by helping them combat stress and experience tranquility while enhancing their mental functions. To give you an idea about this, Veteran Car Donations gives you a lowdown on the mental health benefits of camping for veterans:

  1. Nature is an effective stress-reliever.

Unlike the stress-stimulating urban environment where the constant buzzing of people and cars never seems to stop, nature presents itself without snatching your attention and frazzling your nerves. A good dose of nature boosts the body’s production of endorphin and dopamine. These are chemicals that trigger happiness and other positive emotions while reducing the production of cortisol, which is a stress hormone. Furthermore, studies show that stress is significantly reduced within minutes of exposure to nature as measured by brain activity, muscle tension, and blood pressure.

  1. The physical exertion works out a lot of built-up anxious energy.

Aside from the fact that camping gives you a chance to savor the healing powers of nature for an extended period of time, it also offers you a way to focus on outdoor activities that include hiking, running, and biking. In case you’re not aware, one of the most effective anxiety busters and mood enhancers is exercise. Doing exercise amid the splendor of nature offers extra benefits.

  1. It gives you a sense of control.

Camping gives you a sense of freedom, which is one of the basic needs for well-being. Rarely found in your daily grind, this sense of freedom enables you to find your own adventures without limits. When you sleep under the stars, you’re pressing your reset button and you begin to be more aware of the here and now.

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