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April 7, 2022

9 Spring Car Cleaning Tips You Should Know

With spring just around the corner, it’s time once again to dust the ceiling fans, clean the windowsills, vacuum the curtains, wipe down the baseboards and declutter your home. But wait — there’s more! Don’t forget to clean your car!

Your trusty steed deserves a good cleaning after serving you well during winter’s frigid assault. The ice, snow, slush, sand, gravel, and dirt all conspired to leave your vehicle filthy inside and out.

Before you start rolling up your sleeves to get rid of all the mess that winter has left behind inside and on the outside of your car, check out these cleaning tips:

  1. The console

Carefully wash the consoles without getting the electrical connections wet. Grab a wet cloth and clean out the cup holders and the top of your dashboard. Be sure to dry these areas thoroughly.

  1. Glove box

Take everything out from your glove box and check the piles and stacks of items that have been there for ages. Toss out any trash and put away the things that don’t belong in your glove box such as your hair bands, condiment packets, tools, and receipts. Once you’ve cleaned the compartment out, organize the essential items that you should store in it, including your owner’s manual, tire gauge, compact first aid kit, hand sanitizer, mobile phone charger, and an LED flashlight.

  1. Carpeting and upholstery

Use a damp towel to wash down the seats. Be sure to get rid of dry dirt, rock salt debris, or mud by using a carpet-cleaning machine.

  1. The windows and mirrors

Grab a window cleaner and use it to clean the inside and outside of your windows. Make your windows shine by buffing them with a dry towel. Repeat the process when you’re doing the mirrors.

  1. The windshield wipers

Winter might have damaged your windshield wipers. Replace them with new ones to help you get an unobstructed and clear view of the roads ahead even during intense spring showers.

  1. Exterior body

Use a mild detergent and a soft towel while you give your car a thorough wash. Be sure to get rid of the winter grime under the edges of your vehicle and out of the cracks. You’d want to wax the exterior of your vehicle out of direct sunlight because most waxes dry too quickly and can be very difficult to remove. For best results, use a liquid or spray wax.

  1. The trunk

Declutter your trunk and vacuum out all traces of winter dirt and debris. Blow compressed into small spaces to get more dirt out of them before you start vacuuming again. If you’re looking to have a squeaky clean trunk, shampoo and condition the carpet.

  1. The wheels

Remove the hubcaps and wash them down. Next, scrub your tires and wheel wells.

  1. Under the hood

Get rid of the leaves, debris, and dirt that got into the engine area. You can wipe down the edges yourself or you can have it professionally cleaned.


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