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April 25, 2016

Spring Cleaning Time

So, winter’s beginning to fade and the weather’s getting progressively warmer. Soon you’re going to be mowing the lawn, planting flowers and cleaning up all the different corners of your home. But what about your driveway?

Donate Your Vehicle & Unclutter For Spring

A lot of people have old, unsightly vehicles which they’re still holding onto, despite being a financial drain and an eyesore. Here are just some of the reasons you should include your vehicle as part of your spring clean.

The main reason is the most obvious – you’ll be helping people who need it. It doesn’t matter how rusty or loud your old vehicle is. If it’s even barely usable, the charity you give it to will make good use of it.

Some will do some maintenance, and pass it onto those people who need it most. Others will use the vehicle themselves; delivering meals to the elderly, or taking disabled people to doctors. At the very least, it’ll end up being sold and the proceeds will be given to a good cause.

Where & Why to Donate Your Old Car

As you can imagine, Veteran Car Donations is always on the lookout for vehicles. Even if you don’t choose us, you’ll still be able to find a very noble cause.
We all like to help out others when we can. However, giving a vehicle away isn’t quite the same as dropping petty change in a bucket! If you’re a little hesitant about giving a vehicle away, that’s understandable.

Finally, the sheer convenience of it. Cars are expensive to buy and keep, no matter what you do. Your natural inclination might be to sell your old car, and get the most money possible out of it. However, this will usually mean a lot of hassle, especially if your car’s in a terrible condition.

A charity will sort out a few details, and then take away almost any vehicle, thanking you for the wonderful service you’ve done. When you try selling it, you’ll have to go through all kinds of hassle. There’s no telling how long that rusty old thing will be sitting on your drive, and how long you’ll have to spend haggling with stubborn people.

If your primary concern is getting the vehicle out the way, then donation is definitely the way to go.

When you start clearing your home out for spring, consider your old vehicle. The convenience of donation will leave you stunned, not to mention the great feeling you’ll get from helping others!

Veteran Car Donations operates in all 50 states.

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