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November 30, 2022

Do You Suspect a Faulty Head Gasket?

Does your car feel a bit underpowered or sluggish? Did you just see white smoke coming out of your tailpipe while driving? Chances are, you’re dealing with a failing head gasket. A leak in your head gasket could get your car off the road for repairs. Worse, it could force you to scrap your vehicle altogether if its engine suffered catastrophic damage. 

If you suspect you have a cracked or blown head gasket, you must stop driving and call your mechanic immediately. Ignoring this issue will lead to more engine damage that will only add to your vehicle’s repair costs.

A leak will cause your coolant to mix with oil, quickly destroying bearings and other essential components that rely on your engine oil for protection. Moreover, exhaust gases can over-pressurize your cooling system, resulting in coolant loss and accelerated overheating.


Why Head Gaskets Can Get Cracked or Blown

A faulty head gasket is a major pain indeed. Knowing what can cause a cracked or blown head gasket allows you to detect symptoms and take action before it’s too late. Veteran Car Donations has pulled together some of the top causes of head gasket failure:

  1. Abrupt temperature changes

Starting the engine cold and putting your foot down immediately will cause an abrupt temperature change. Since your engine’s temperature causes the head gasket to expand and contract, the shock will cause it to fail. Unless you’re willing to run the risk of dealing with a cracked or blown head gasket, allowing your vehicle to get up to the appropriate operating temperature before accelerating is best.

  1. Overheating

Without enough coolant to pull the heat from the engine block and cylinder heads, the engine overheats, exposing the head gasket to temperatures outside of what it can handle. As the head gasket expands due to the extra heat, it loses its ability to seal correctly. Since your head gasket could suffer considerable damage when your coolant level runs low, it’s best to avoid this issue by regularly checking your coolant level and topping it off when necessary.

  1. Mechanical forces

Your head gasket could develop cracks and leaks due to road vibrations and natural vibrations from the engine. Each time your cylinders fire, detonations in the engine produce huge amounts of energy and pressure. These mechanical forces stress your head gasket until it eventually cracks and leaks.

Although you can’t avoid vibrations, you can replace a worn-down head gasket. In addition, ensuring preventive maintenance and repairs can help you avoid a cracked or blown head gasket.

For more on this issue, check out this blog: 5 Signs You Might Have a Blown Head Gasket


You Can Use Your Old Car to Make a Difference!

Continuously shelling out money for car maintenance and repairs may no longer make sense if the accumulated costs are now more than what your car is worth. If you’re now thinking of giving up that vehicle, consider donating it to us at Veteran Car Donations. We’ll use it to make life better for the struggling military veterans in your local community.

We’ll put your car up for auction, with the proceeds going to our veteran-focused charity partners. These IRS-approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations work tirelessly to extend assistance to former U.S. service members who have become homeless and impoverished, those who are unable to find decent jobs, and those suffering from serious disabilities and illnesses, including mental disorders.

Our charity partners use the funding we give them to provide their beneficiaries with housing and financial assistance, employment and livelihood opportunities, family support, free quality health care and medical treatment, psychotherapy services, scholarships, and many other benefits.

In exchange for your generosity, we’ll collect your car for free wherever it’s parked or stored in the country.

We’ll also send you your tax receipt via mail so you can use it to claim the highest possible tax deduction in the next tax season.

However, these material rewards are nothing compared to the priceless joy of knowing that your car donation can transform a disadvantaged veteran’s life.

We accept almost all types of vehicle donations, including those that no longer run.

For more information about our vehicle donation program, you may browse through our FAQs page. Message us here or give us a call anytime through our toll-free hotline at 877-594-5822 if you have any concerns or inquiries,


Give Your Old Vehicle a New and Nobler Purpose Today!

Why hold on to an old and unused car when you can use it to improve the lives of our nation’s heroes? Donate that vehicle by calling Veteran Car Donations at 877-594-5822 or filling out this secure donation form now!

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