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October 5, 2020

How Meditation Can Help Veterans with PTSD

Many of our nation’s heroes who have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are known to be still in a hyperactive state. This is true even though a long time has already passed since they came home from their tour of duty in some foreign war zones. This means their sympathetic nervous systems continue to constantly stimulate their “fight-or-flight” responses.

For this reason, they often experience anxiety, irritability, and the tendency to overreact to various forms of stimuli that can potentially trigger a stress response.

Fortunately, new studies show that practicing meditation on a regular basis can enable someone with PTSD to better control the incapacitating symptoms of their mental health condition. As they learn to practice this skill, the state of their agitated thinking gradually transforms into a state of inner quietness and peace.

5 Helpful Meditating Tips When You Have PTSD

If you’ve been diagnosed with PTSD, you may find these tips for meditating helpful:

  1. Practice meditation twice a day.

Meditate in the morning to shake off negative thoughts and emotions that were left behind by nightmares or restless sleep. Practicing meditation as soon as you wake up allows you to clean the slate for the rest of your day.

Have a secondary meditation session in the afternoon after getting off from work to get rid of the buildup of pressures while you were on the job. Doing so will enable you to weaken your subconscious, which usually peaks during this time of the day.

  1. Find a quiet and undisturbed ‘calming down corner.’

Create a space that strikes a balance between focus and relaxation. Unless being alone would increase your chances of going into fits of stress or unless you need the help of a meditation teacher, it would be great if you could find a quiet and undisturbed “calming down corner” where you can be alone. Make yourself comfortable as you enter into your own personal sacred atmosphere.

Since bright lighting can increase bouts of anxiety, you can choose to set the mood for meditation by lighting candles or dimming the lights. If burning soothing incense can help you send your sense of consciousness inward, don’t hesitate to do so.

  1. Carefully choose a mantra that means something to you.

Mantra selection plays a huge part in the effectiveness of your meditation exercise. Be sure that the sounds and words that you produce promote rest and peacefulness. This could be a prayer, verses from a holy text, a quote, or a word.  

While you’re at it, make sure that you pronounce the words with clarity and without rushing. Take your time as you chant your mantra as you fixate on each word that should flow out of your mouth. When feelings and flashbacks of the terrifying event come up, be sure to acknowledge and accept the negative emotions before you redirect your energy to the mantra you’re chanting.

  1. Gradually return to your normal routine.

When your session is coming to a close, slowly ease your thoughts back to the present, stop chanting your mantra, and open your eyes. It helps if you don’t rush yourself by quickly turning the light back on and going back to your normal routine. Even after your 20 minutes of meditation is up, sit in your calming down corner for a few more minutes before you leave.

  1. Use the mantra whenever you feel overwhelmed during the day.

When overwhelming feelings threaten to take over, don’t hesitate to find a quiet corner and quietly chant your mantra until you feel more relaxed. It may take time, but you’ll eventually associate this with calmness and peace.

Do You Want to Reach Out to Veterans with PTSD?

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In return for your charitable contribution, you will get a set of rewards including a top tax deduction and free pick-up and towing services wherever your vehicle is located within the United States.

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