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October 25, 2021

More Women Vets, More Gender-Specific Issues

Once a predominantly male-centered organization, the United States Armed Forces are now seeing an ever-increasing number of women enlisting, becoming officers, spearheading operations, and even taking up senior leadership positions. This has also led to the ever-increasing number of women veterans. As of 2018, 1.7 million or 9% of our veteran population were women, according to the United States Census Bureau. Its report even projected the number to jump to 17% by 2040.

The increase in the number of women veterans is also the reason why some of the problems they face are surfacing now. While no veteran of both genders is exempt from having problems when they’re discharged from active duty, there are gender-specific issues that are only relevant to our women veterans. These issues are about the needs, concerns, and obstacles in the lives of our former servicewomen.

Veteran Car Donations has listed three of the top issues facing our female veterans. 

  1. PTSD due to sexual assault

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) develops when one encounters a traumatic experience. Combat situations or scenarios qualify as one, which is why it’s not uncommon for veterans to develop PTSD during or sometime after their service is over. Another cause of PTSD however, is sexual assault. It continues to be an unreported crime within the military and the majority of the victims are female service members.

  1. Bias for veteran mothers

Societal norms are more accepting of fathers leaving their families rather than mothers doing it. This leaves female veterans facing heavy bias once they transition back into civilian life, especially if they spend long periods away from home because of their deployments. The social biases may even act as triggers for these female veterans to develop mental health issues such as depression, a sense of guilt, or other mental health problems.

  1. Female-relate health concerns

Unique health care requirements specifically to address female-health concerns are needed by our women veterans. Even though this issue has received improvements after years of lobbying by women veteran groups, there is still a need for more specialized services dedicated to addressing the needs of our women veterans.


Show Our Vets They Haven’t Been Forgotten

Veterans of both genders face tough issues after they leave the military. While our government does have programs and services in place that aim to help our service members when they retire, some of them fall through the cracks and go on without any form of support. That’s why some of our veterans struggle with homelessness, chronic unemployment, service-related disabilities, and illnesses, including mental health disorders without any assistance from the government.

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