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July 19, 2021

Transitioning to a Civilian Career Is a Big Challenge for a Lot of Vets

Transitioning into a civilian career where they can utilize their skills, be sufficiently compensated, and regain their sense of purpose is what most veterans would want. Unfortunately, this is a big challenge for many of them. It’s one of the biggest stumbling blocks in their lives when they separate from the service.

A good job or career path isn’t just a way for an individual to earn a living. It’s something that can give them a sense of accomplishment and keep their skills polished, helping them retain or even increase their professional value.

For our former service members who are still unsure of what career to dive into, we’ve listed 5 of the top career options that are well-suited for them.

  1. Law enforcement

It’s no surprise that law enforcement is a top choice for many veterans. Most of the skills and experiences they’ve gained during their service are easily translatable to a law enforcement career.

  1. Government or public administration

Veterans who were officers or who have gained leadership skills may find a welcoming career in public administration. Plenty of opportunities are available in the government offering solid career growth and high compensation.

  1. Information technology

Veterans who dealt with data or technology-related responsibilities during their service can opt to build a career in information technology. There’s a surplus of job openings in this sector with competitive salaries that veterans can build their civilian careers on.

  1. Private security

Veterans can also use their military skills and experiences to pursue a career in private security.  Don’t think that you’d just become a glorified bodyguard as government agencies like the CIA often contract the services of private security companies.

  1. Manufacturing

Jobs in the manufacturing industry often don’t need college degrees, which makes them a viable choice for veterans looking for work. However, these jobs do require some physical tasks that are unlikely suited for veterans who have a service-related disability.


Disadvantaged Veterans Badly Need Aid

When our troops leave the military, they’re not automatically guaranteed a worry-free life. The transition phase into being an ordinary civilian can be difficult for many veterans, leading them to struggle with multiple challenges. This can range from chronic unemployment and homelessness to service-related disabilities and other medical issues including mental health disorders.

These veterans badly need assistance — and you can help provide it. All you have to do is turn over any old or unwanted vehicle to us at Veteran Car Donations. We will use your donation to improve the living conditions of our nation’s suffering heroes.

We’ll put your vehicle up for auction, with the proceeds going to our veteran-focused nonprofit partners. These IRS-certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations use the funding that we provide them to deliver free quality health care, financial aid, housing assistance, employment opportunities, family support, educational scholarships, psychotherapy services, and many other benefits to their veteran beneficiaries.

As our donor, you’ll get to enjoy a top tax deduction. You’ll also receive free pickup and towing service from us.

The best reward you’ll get, however, is the priceless feeling of joy and satisfaction for helping uplift the lives of our nation’s heroes.

Veteran Car Donations isn’t only one of the top charity groups in the country that assist America’s veterans, but it’s also one of the easiest that you can work with. Our donation process is simple and straightforward. Just get in touch with our team to get started. We’ll quickly walk you through our easy and simple donation process.

Almost all vehicle types can be donated to us at Veteran Car Donations. No matter what make, model, or condition your vehicle is in, we’ll be more than happy to take it off your hands. This goes for non-working vehicle donations, too. 

Note that we have donation centers located in all 50 states, which means you can donate to us wherever you’re located in the country.

Looking to know more? Find more details about us on our FAQs page. You can also call us at 877-594-5822 or send us a message online for your inquiries or concerns.


Are You Ready to Help Our Nation’s Heroes?

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