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October 24, 2020

Top 5 Popular Degrees After Leaving the Military

Are you a former service member who’s considering college? If you’re ready to hit the books, know that the knowledge and experience you gained while you were in the service can still be used in several degree programs. The key is to choose the right major with the coursework that makes it possible for you to get a jump on a stable and rewarding career in either the private or public sector.

While most veterans tend to lean toward law enforcement and private security, others choose to go into intelligence and other technical or management fields. These areas of study can be strong choices for someone with a military background.

It doesn’t matter if you’re still in the process of planning your transition or if you’re already out of the service and thinking about the steps you need to take. It’s extremely important to give education a lot of careful thought. After all, it determines the career path that you’re going to take. While you’re at it, keep in mind that jobs with higher incomes also require higher learning.

A Closer Look at the Popular Degrees After Leaving the Military

One of the best things about serving in the military is the on-the-job experience that can be translated into the civilian workforce. When you build on this experience by obtaining a degree from a university or college, this can enable you to create a strong resume. To give you an idea about the options you have, Veteran Car Donations shares the top 5 popular degrees after leaving the military:

  1. Computer Engineering

This is a worthwhile pursuit for someone interested to learn more about software design, electrical engineering, and hardware and software integrations. You’ll become the master architect of vast networks, computer programs, and network security solutions.

If your military experience lies in the area of the signal corps that’s in charge of network creation and maintenance, which allows service members to communicate in certain remote areas, consider yourself a strong asset for various organizations. These include the Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and various defense contractors.

  1. Computer Science

This is a perfect choice for veterans with a strong inclination toward technology and a lesser aptitude for mathematics. It has less to do with designing and integrating networks and systems, but it has everything to do with overseeing network security and the practice of modifying computer software and hardware. If you combine your military experience with the field of computer science, you’ll eventually find work opportunities in the DoD, DHS, and FBI.

  1. Criminal Justice

Majors such as criminology, sociology, psychology, corrections, social work, paralegal studies, research methods, rehabilitation, political science, and law enforcement fall under this field of study. Any position in the military should smoothly translate to any of these majors. Furthermore, obtaining a degree in criminal justice will also make it easier for those with a military background to rise through the ranks.

  1. Management

If you have experience in Security Management as well as Operations and Logistics Management, you’ll be a natural fit for a management degree. This is a strong choice for veterans who want to secure jobs in the civilian workforce that require skills to manage people.

  1. Finance

This field is a good choice for veterans who seek to enter law enforcement or those who want to find opportunities with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), and FBI’s white-collar crime division. Furthermore, knowledge in the areas of finance and accounting combined with your military experience will also have various applications in counter-terrorism.

Many Vets Can’t Pursue College Degrees

While some servicemen and servicewomen are blessed with opportunities to pursue college degrees after leaving the military, many others are not that lucky. They are hindered by their service-related disabilities, injuries, and mental health issues as well as lack of sufficient educational qualifications and financial resources. These personal circumstances also hinder them from obtaining decent and stable jobs. This is aggravated by their inability to find support, pushing them into a life of poverty. Some even wind up living on the streets as homeless people.

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